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3 Things To Know Before Getting A Swimming Pool


A pool is an excellent addition to your home; not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very welcoming. I live in a condo in Manhattan, and we have a pool as one of the luxury amenities that we paid for. However, living in a condo with a pool and having a pool in your backyard.

There is a lot that goes behind owning a pool, and you need to be wary of this. While it is an endless source of joy for you and your family, it is also a big responsibility. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about some of the things you ought to know before getting a swimming pool.

1. Choice


Swimming pools come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. They come in 3 main types of regular-sized, in-ground pools. If you want a custom pool that will fit the aesthetics of your place, then you might want to look into the concrete option. Concrete pools are highly customizable, be it in their depths and shapes, and this is why people with particular choices opt for this type of pool. However, it is important to know that they are the most expensive and time.

Fiberglass pools are usually the most common type of pool on the market and come out in factory-molded shapes and arrive in one piece at your place. This is because they are meant to be placed directly in the ground, and this is why they are the most popular kind of pool on the market. There is also the vinyl-lined pool which has a heavy plastic or metal frame underneath it.

2. Maintenance


You also have to think about the post-pool era. After you buy or build a pool, the cost doesn’t end there. You need to clean the pool constantly to avoid wasting unnecessary money on its upkeep. Making sure that you skim the surface every other day is a way to avoid the accumulation of debris in your pool over time, and it is something that you need to be conscious of. 

The average homeowner spends up to $5000 on their pool, and this includes the bill for repairs, electricity, water, and maintenance. You also need to add chemicals to the water to keep it safe, and during the pandemic in the last 2 years, it was a struggle to find these chemicals. There was a chlorine shortage, and this skyrocketed its price. 

You need to spend up to $500 every summer on chlorine, and this is a pretty sum of money, but it is needed to keep your pool clean. You also need to be careful of the pH level of the water and need to get tested on a regular basis; you can do this yourself by buying a pH tester. 

You can also call up a professional to take care of your pool, and though this costs more than doing it yourself, it is the thing we advise everyone to do every once in a while. They will also test your pool’s pH level and alkalinity, which is a win-win situation if you ask me.

3. Dangers


There is a lot of care and thought that goes behind owning a pool. One of the biggest things you need to think of when it comes to pools is security. Having a pool requires constant vigilance, especially if you have kids or pets. A good thing to invest in if you are buying a pool is pool insurance, and you should have safety equipment within reach at all times.

When you are throwing parties, especially when alcohol is involved, make sure that one of your friends is sober and on the lookout for the other guests that use the pool. It is for safekeeping because we all know that we tend to get ourselves in dumb situations when we are inebriated. If your kids are using the pool, make sure that they are under surveillance and that there is always someone with them.

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