Garden lovers Swimming Pool Do You Need A Large House To Build An Indoor Pool?

Do You Need A Large House To Build An Indoor Pool?


A pool is an excellent addition to your home; not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very welcoming. I live in a condo in Manhattan, and we have a pool as one of the luxury amenities that we paid for. However, living in a condo with a pool and having a pool in your backyard. The indoor pool has long been considered a luxury for many.

Thanks to the technical progress made in the field, the indoor pool is now within everyone’s reach. Moreover, it gives cachet to the house and is easy to maintain. What are the prerequisites for the project? What are the advantages of an indoor pool and the cost of its installation? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about the construction of indoor pools.

What type of pool for your home?


Choose the type of pool to install in your home to determine the extent and nature of the work to be done and, therefore, the cost. In general, all types of pools can be adapted to indoor construction, whether it is masonry or a shell pool. The choice depends mainly on the space allocated to the development and the extent of the work to be done.

A shell pool is easy to install but requires a prior definition of the desired dimensions and shape. Moreover, it requires regular maintenance. The masonry pool is more resistant. It is highly customizable and can be easily adapted to the space dedicated to its installation, with more or less difficult work.

How much space is needed to build an indoor pool?

Note that the layout does not only concern the pool. In fact, the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the pool must also be included in the layout. All these elements mean that the construction of an indoor pool requires a significant amount of space and is therefore not suitable for all interiors.

What other points should be considered in this type of design?

It is also important to consider the functional side of the pool in order to get the most out of it.

The pool coping


If the choice of coping is not a problem for an outdoor pool, it is not the case for an indoor pool. Indeed, in addition to the dimensions, the choice of the material is also important. The coping must be both aesthetic and functional; that is, it is not too slippery.

The question of ventilation

Ventilating the house becomes essential when you have an indoor pool. Indeed, the accumulation of humidity is harmful to the quality of the air in the house and, therefore, for the health of its occupants. To air your home properly, you often opt for these two methods:

Installing large fans

This allows getting rid of the humidity generated by the evaporation of the water of the swimming pool.

Install a pool cover

A little more radical but just as effective, covering the pool prevents the water from evaporating. The pool cover also acts as an insulator, conserving the energy and heat produced. In addition, a cover also helps to protect (especially children) from accidents.

Heating the pool


In order to fully enjoy the pool, it is essential to heat it. Unlike the outdoor pool, which receives a significant amount of sunlight to keep the water at a pleasant temperature, the indoor pool must be heated. In this case, the best way is to heat it with natural gas or propane. However, this represents a significant budget, especially for a large pool. It is, therefore, a point not to be neglected in the definition of the budget.

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