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Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service


Isn’t it nice to look at a lush green and healthy landscape? However, one annoying problem that can damage the appearance of that beautiful landscape is weeds. Now, the longer you wait to control weeds, the bigger the problem becomes. If you want to protect your plants, here are some reasons why you should hire a professional weed control service.

1. Use of Professional Herbicides

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To get rid of weeds, many homeowners tend to buy products from home improvement stores. However, people often don’t know what type of product to use, how to apply it or how much to use. In addition, these products may even harm the local environment. Therefore, only the experts have the proper weed control products that are approved for safety and they know how to apply these products to your outdoor spaces.

2. Perform Soil Tests

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If you are wondering what might be the reason behind the severe infestation of weeds in your lawn, the answer lies in the quality of your soil. Did you know that soil can turn into a favourable hotbed for pests, algae and insects? And, it is evident that these unwanted guests will destroy all of your lovely shrubs and flowers.

Now, in these cases, using a standard herbicide will not be work and only an experienced company like Royal Blue Property Maintenance can solve the problem once and for all. They will conduct a soil test and this test will confirm whether your soil’s pH levels are correct or not.

3. Protect Your Good Grass

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Nowadays, there are several popular grass types:

  • St. Augustine: This “carpet” grass has a coarse texture and is adapted to a wide range of soils. Native to the Gulf Coast regions, West Indies and Western Africa, St. Augustine has a high heat tolerance.
  • Buffalo Grass: If you are looking for a type of grass that can thrive even in the absence of high irrigation and fertilization, then the buffalo grass is just perfect for you. Native to the Great Plains, it can adapt to warm climates.
  • Zoysia Grass: This warm-season perennial grass is mainly used for lawns, golf courses and play areas.
  • Tall Fescue: Widely found n areas of the Pacific Northwest and South, the tall fescue has excellent drought tolerance.

Now, do you know what can destroy your robust, beautiful and rich-green grass? Weeds. When they grow and develop, they will compete with the good grass for nutrients and as a result, the weeds will strangle and prevent these beautiful types of grass from growing to their full potential. If you want to free your grass and make it happy and healthy, you need to call the right landscaping team.

4. Boost Organic Matter

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There is a certain level of organic matter that is present in the soil of your property and this matter helps your trees, bushes and other plants to grow correctly and remain healthy. And, of course, a good balance of organics can enhance your soil quality without harming the environment. So, once you get that soil test done, experts will tell you if you need to raise the organic matter levels in your landscape.

5. Effective Weed Control Sprays

Best Weed Killers for Lawns - Essential If You Want To Avoid That Brown And  Burnt Look

Usually, all outdoor spaces have a specific pH level that must be properly maintained in order to rid the soil of any contamination. There are some sprays that can prevent weed growth, but these sprays can also destroy all your plants. This is why it is recommended to use organic sprays as they can get rid of the weeds and protect your delicate flowers and shrubs.

6. Mulch Maintenance

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Looking for another way to control weeds? The answer is simple – mulch. It can keep the soil moist and can prevent the protrusion of weeds. However, some proper treatment is still required from time to time to ensure that unwanted growths don’t peep through a flowerbed or shrub area. And, sometimes, when the mulch gets old, it is less effective in the prevention of weed growth.

Do not delay weed removal anymore and contact immediately Royal Blue Property Maintenance to schedule their weed control services.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand how a professional lawn care company has the right equipment to remove invasive weeds from your space. My aunt is planning to use her backyard as an outdoor kitchen in the future. I should talk to her about finding a lawn care professional for this plan of hers someday.

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