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4 Useful Tips For Keeping Your Pool Clean


You need to keep your pool clean and well maintained is key, and you should do this no matter the season. However, this shouldn’t really be a chore if you keep up with the upkeep. Just make it become part of your routine. If you are too busy to do so, you can always hire a local pool boy or even a full-service technician to help you out.

The secret to keeping your pool inviting and clean is to have a routine and clean it regularly. You can handle minor issues like skimming the pool yourself, but when it comes to the more technical stuff, then we advise calling a professional. So, without further ado, let’s learn some useful tips for keeping your pool clean.

1. Vacuum


Yes, you can vacuum your pool. No, you can’t use your Roomba or Dyson vacuum. You have a list of pool vacuums to choose from; you can choose your good old manual vacuum, the more modern automatic vacuum, or you can even pay for the services of a pool technician. The latter will literally do the dirty job for you, and you’ll just have to sit back and relax.

Vacuuming your pool once a week can be very useful as it helps the water look crystal clear. By cleaning your pool, you will also need to put fewer chemicals in your swimming pool, and this is a win-win situation if you ask me.

Brushing the walls and tiles of your pool will also help reduce grime and dirt that build up over time and cause the pool to look and feel unclean.

2. Winterize it


If you have an outdoor pool and live in an area where it snows, or the temperature gets really cold, then you ought to winterize your swimming pool. For this, you will need to call for a professional who will be able to evaluate your need and tell you what best fits your pool.

Most people usually drain their pool during the winter season, especially if it is an outdoor pool, and this is because it is easier for the upkeep. This also makes closing your pool a hell of a lot simpler.

3. Skim your pool regularly


Every few days or so, take the time to skim your pool’s surface, which will help keep them from inside it to the minimum. You should remember that even debris that falls will sink to the bottom of the pool; this is why it is better to get them out while they are still floating on top.

When debris sinks at the bottom of the pool, it becomes harder to remove them, and it can cause more significant issues later down the line if they are left unattended for too long. So, skimming your pool regularly will help keep the water circulation working efficiently. This could also lower the amount of chemical that needs to be put in the water to keep it clean and clear.

4. The pH level


There is a lot of work that goes behind owning a pool. You need to test the water regularly to make sure that it is clean and safe for people to swim in. You can monitor your own pool by checking the pH levels of the water, and you can do so by buying a pH testing kit that you can find it anywhere.

Looking for Help?

As a pool owner, you should know when to ask for help. Keeping a pool clean can be a whole ordeal on its own, and this is why it is good to always get help with this. This is where Leak Inc comes in handy. They are experts in pool repair and leak detection for above or underground pools.

Leak Inc provides first-class services for residential and commercial clients, including hydrostatic valves, underwater leak tests, dye testing, hydrostatic plates inspection, repair, and even replacement. They are the leading expert in everything related to pools, just to name a few).

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