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Modernise Your Swimming Pool With These Cool Ideas

The pool is the star of the summer, but it can become a little outdated with time. At garden-lovers, we want to give you some exciting ideas to revitalize your pool and make it the centre of attraction. Check them out!


Add an Adhesive Coating

If the sink is painted and is several years old, annual maintenance can be avoided and its appearance improved with the installation of a product known as a liner. It is a PVC film protected by a special varnish. It has excellent resistance to tanning stains and microorganisms. It is installed with a fixing profile in all types of sinks, concrete, prefabricated, and various designs with Venecitas print in blue, blue marble, smooth light blue, and several others. 


Anthracite, a Smooth and Minimalist Color To Give That Aesthetic Finish to Your Pool

Among the solid colours most requested by our customers, one of the favourites is anthracite. The dark charcoal tone as the base of the pool makes for a unique elegance. In addition, it favours obtaining a comfortable temperature.


Remove the Bars

If there are children in the house and the pool has the classic iron bars, it may be a good time to replace them. Currently, there is a removable system with aluminium posts and plastic mesh panels that can be put in and out as needed. They do not need any type of maintenance work like the bars that must be painted periodically, and aesthetically they are much more discreet. 


Design on the Floor

A mosaic pool floor design will undoubtedly give it an attractive new look. The one in the image is made with Venecitas and tiles. The rest of the floor was covered with small ceramic tiles. 


Blue Marble, the Classic Pool Bottom

Blue marble may be your best option if you want to renovate your pool but keep its more conventional appearance. It is the favourite of children, so it is ideal for families. In addition, the blue tone of the water has a relaxing effect because it reminds you of the sea. Combine it with stone, wood, and vegetation elements, and you will create a soothing and natural effect.


Add a Material Stair

Adding a ladder can be a good idea to modernize the pool, and you can even have two or three steps where you can sit and enjoy the sun and cool off at the same time. 


Add Lights

Submersible fixtures can give your pool a new look. The most modern is the LED ones, which are also energy efficient. They come in various colours that can be varied at ease with manual or remote control to tint the water and play with your imagination. 


Add a Waterfall

A waterfall is a decorative detail that will undoubtedly add a new touch to the pool. In addition to being very attractive, it allows you to enjoy the relaxing sound of falling water. 


Add a Deck

The pool can be renovated by incorporating a wooden deck, which is functional and warm at the same time. It is the ideal place to sunbathe, eat, play cards or spend time with family or friends. 


Add a Slide

Incorporating a slide or trampoline can be a fun idea that kids are going to love. If they are a little bigger, you can put a trampoline, from which they can jump to take a good dip. 


Add a Stone Bed

This lovely little pool looks even better with a stone beds line, which adds a rustic and original touch. In them, you can add showy plants to give a flair of greenery and freshness. 


Ibiza Pool, Light and Relaxation

Pearl White is one of the shades within the favourite pearl colours to renew the pool. If you like the Ibizan airs based on whites and minimalist aesthetics, it may be the ideal option for you. The result is a pool with unique light reflections in the water, which create a spectacular setting, full of style and very summery.


Fiji Islands, Without Leaving Your Home

Another of the designs most requested by our clients to renovate the pool is embossing. The sensation is a swimming pool bottom with movement and very natural air, such as that offered by the Hawaii, Capri or Tahiti print. You will live a bathing experience in your garden as if you were travelling to these Pacific islands full of paradisiacal beaches and coral reefs.


Do You Want a Pool Like New for This Summer?

Today you can have a pool like new with the design you want and all the comforts. The world of swimming pools and garden design has evolved in recent years thanks to the extraordinary possibilities technology gives us. If you want to give your swimming pool its bright smile back, contact the experts at leakinc. They are specialists in pool leak detection and repair services.



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