Plants You Can Combine With Autumn Blooms

Autumn will enchant you with its wide range of colors! The arrival of autumn signals that it is time to replace the summer flowers in your garden vases and balcony boxes with colorful autumn blooms. Here’s a guide on which plants to combine to create beautiful flower arrangements in autumn colors and how to keep them looking beautiful for a long time.

Colorful Heathers

The flowers of the common heather can vary in color from white to deep red, and there are both single and filled varieties. Heathers can be added to beds, amplitudes, balcony boxes, and garden vases as they offer beauty everywhere. Heather is a perfect ornamental plant because it remains beautiful into winter, and even after the plant dies back, it retains its decorativeness until spring. This flower goes well with buckwheat.

No special care is needed when planting heather in a garden vase, but care must be taken to ensure that the plants do not become dry. It is important to remember that heather planted in a vase needs to be watered until the soil freezes, even in rainy weather. There should be holes under the vase to allow excess water to drain out of the vase.

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As an autumn flower, the woodpecker loves carabineer, pinwheels, pillow bushes, chrysanthemums, and ericas in balcony boxes. It usually inhabits a sunny spot, is undemanding of soil but hates standing water. It can tolerate freezing temperatures down to -3 °C.


Potted chrysanthemums bring a subtle sphere of color to patios and balconies that can be easily moved with the pot. Chrysanthemums of different colors bloom from late July to late autumn, making them ideal seasonal plants for garden vases and balcony boxes. Potted chrysanthemums should be watered regularly, and care should be taken to ensure that the soil ball is neither too dry nor too wet. It is recommended to fertilize the chrysanthemums once a week with a fertilizer for flowering flowers.

Choose a plant in the shop that does not have any flower buds open yet, as this will keep the flower splitting for longer.

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Special Ericas

With their particular appearance, Erica (both slender ericas and woody grafted ericas) are perfect for autumn garden vases and balcony boxes. It’s a cool-bellied plant (5-8 degrees), but may stop living at temperatures below four degrees. The plant seems to save itself and looks nice until spring. Erica could have a special place as a vase at Christmas. The flowers go well with chrysanthemums and pillow shrubs.

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Decorative Pillow Bush

Ideal for autumn decoration in balcony boxes and garden vases, the pillow bush is also very decorative in winter. The pillow bush can be combined with many other autumn flowers and evergreen conifers and will provide an excellent background for others. It is easy to grow, tolerates wind, drought, cold and infertile soil.

Recommendations For Storing Autumn Flowers:

It is advisable to use a summer flower watering fertilizer or plant juice to fertilize autumn flowers in garden vases and balcony boxes. Fertilize only with irrigated soil, as dry soil can cause root scorch and plant death.

Autumn flowers can be planted in garden soil and balcony boxes in the existing soil. Still, as the nutrients from the soil disappear with summer flowers, the soil must be fertilized so that the autumn flowers also get the necessary nutrients from the soil.

No special care is needed when planting autumn flowers in a garden vase, but care must be taken to ensure that the plants do not remain dry and that the garden vases have holes through which excess water can drain.

What does your autumn flower arrangement usually consist of? Let us know in the comments below!

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