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9 Drought Resistant Plants

Gardening is always fun and exciting for many people across the country. It seems that every plant is more beautiful and attractive than the nest, and who doesn’t want to learn tips that can help them as they prepare to create a marvelous garden and update the visual aspect of their yard. You need to keep in mind that drought tolerant species will save you money and are an inexpensive way to make your garden bright and beautiful.

The surprising thing about many drought-tolerant plants is that they are often overlooked in favor of more temperamental species that require a lot of water and attention. Some people even have the misconception that these plants are only intended for the arid and dry regions of the country, such as the Arizona desert. When looking for an easy way to save money in your garden, you need to remember that drought-resistant varieties of many plants may be your best solution. Not only can they survive on tiny amounts of water once they are established, but these small, hardy plants can hold up even when the sun punishes them for days.

The plants have survived all kinds of conditions, from extreme cold (down to -10°C) to prolonged wetness and drought. In short, they are super resistant! Here are the 7 best drought resistant plants.

1. Mescal Agave – This agave from Mexico is a brilliant architectural plant that will look good all year round. It is a succulent evergreen perennial that forms rosettes of fleshy, striated leaves and looks fantastic surrounded by gravel mulch and perhaps a few rocks. Make sure the plant is well drained and watch out for the spikes!

2. Striped Stem Aloe – You’ve probably heard of Aloe vera, but did you know that there are hardy Aloes that you can grow outdoors? We grow Striped Aloe outside and it has withstood temperatures as low as -10°C. It produces yellow flowers in early summer with orange stamens – their peaks can reach 40 cm high. The leaves also have the same medicinal properties as Aloe vera.

3. Palms – Rustic palms are an essential part of tropical-style gardens. Two of my favorites are Chamaerops humilis, the dwarf fan palm, and Jubea chilensis, the Chilean wine palm. Once established, these palms can withstand periods of drought and are beautiful all year round. Just be sure to give them sufficient drainage.

4. Cistus – The flowers of Cistus are truly beautiful and some, like those of Cistus populifolius, attract attention even when they are in bud. If you grow a few different types, you can get a succession of colors from late spring to mid-summer.

5. Angel Fishing Rods – As their name suggests, they have beautiful arched floral stems that are so graceful. As with Cistus, if you grow a few different types, you can get a succession of flowers.

6. Watsonias – This is a very remarkable plant from South Africa, with large orange, peach or scarlet flowers and sword shaped leaves. It is usually planted as a horn plant and many are frost resistant. They tend to bloom in midsummer, and look good planted in groups for greater exposure.

7. Blue thistle – These plants have intriguing leaves and send out amazing peaks of flowers in the summer.

8. Creeping Phlox – This happy-hued ground cover plant is decidedly low-maintenance. You’ll see it often in rock gardens, tough soil conditions, and planters. Add it to your garden and you’ll have stunning, dense color with minimal upkeep.

9. Sage – Whether you pluck the leaves for cooking or simply admire them, this herb garden staple is a hardy one. It grows well in a range of climates and planting zones, and can be harvested at almost any time of year.

Know how to start your gardening for these types of flowers and plants.


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