Caring for Air Plants and Knowing Them

Aerial plants, also known as Tillandsia, are a kind of epiphytes, which means that they do not need soil to grow. They do, however, need a place to start growing; it is not a parasite, although it does need a host to grow. Nutrients are extracted from particles in the air, soil and moisture.

Roots are grown only for fixing purposes and also to help collect moisture. These plants are found in the tropical forests of South America, but not in the desert and mountainous climates of the southern hemisphere.

Plants that are grown indoors are an excellent complement to its decor. As for any other plant, the light plays an important role in the life of the plant. The sun or a simple fluorescent light works well, but it is necessary to take care not to leave it too long under the plant, because it could suffer from burns of the leaves.

The water supply of Air plants is more important than that of other plants, especially if they are outside in a garden. Try to remember not to confuse the needs of Air plants with those of a sponge, as they will not be able to survive in deeper water.

It is strongly advised to make a thorough research on the plant to understand it well and to be able to cultivate it correctly. Air plants will be able to grow everywhere. All you need is a place to support the plant, as it can grow from a shoe to a shell.

The great thing about aerial plants is the beautiful colors of the flowers and blooms. In this case, it becomes big

in an assortment or offered as a gift.

What is the meaning of plants for those who live in an urban environment? They are just a green and/or colorful entity that fills the sidewalks and playgrounds. They display their beauty in early spring and throughout the summer, and leave a somewhat depressing, leafless appearance in the fall and winter.

So what happens when we are introduced to this perennial plant that grows all year round? The world is probably not yet ready for flying plants. Fortunately, this is just a name and not a description of what the plant species actually does. In other words, aerial plants do not fly in the air.

What exactly are aerial plants?

Aerial plants are a kind of epiphytes, which basically means that they don’t need soil to grow. They need a support platform to start growing. Even though the aerial plant needs a base to start growing, it is not like a pest. The plant gets its nutrients from moisture and soil particles floating in the air. Plant roots are mainly used as a means of attaching to a supporting object. The air plant is found mainly in the tropical forests of South America and other warm climates.

The plant’s need for sunlight

When grown as an indoor plant, it can add a beautiful decorative element to any living space. It is not a typical plant that you will find in every city. As with other plants, sunlight is an important growth factor. The light provided to this plant can come from artificial lighting or natural sunlight. The aerial plant appreciates direct sunlight, but do not leave it too long in its bosom because its leaves will burn.

Avoid mistakes during the summer

Artificial lighting is a safer method to keep your plant healthy during the summer season. Compared to other plants, it needs a large water supply. This does not mean that it has to be immersed in water for a long period of time.

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