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10 Tips To Stop Tulips From Drooping

Tulip season is upon us again this year! Why not bring such a vibrant bouquet into your home? But how can you keep them beautiful for as long as possible? And how do you prevent tulips from drooping?

We have gathered some great tips for you!

1) Use An Appropriate Vase

Did you know that tulips grow at least 5 cm after purchase? This is also the reason why they hang crookedly. Therefore, choose a pot that reaches at least halfway up the stem. This way, the tulip will not droop over the edge and still have plenty of room to grow.

2) Choose a Cool Location

Tulips do not like warm places, such as under the hot sun or on a heater. They bloom faster here and consequently droop faster. Therefore, find a good place in your house with shade or indirect lighting.

3) Make a Hole

With a needle, poke a hole in the top of the tulip’s stem, just below the bud. The result is that it will stop growing. This does not mean that they will die, but that they will keep the same length and will not droop as quickly.

4) Clean The Water Everyday

Tulips love water and will empty their pots quickly. It is best to give them clean water every day and, if possible, cut off part of the stem at an angle.

5) Copper Money

Copper makes water acidic. This prevents the growth of bacteria. Therefore, look for a five-cent coin to put in the bottom of the pot.

6) Sugar Bowl

Sugar is food for flowers. Putting a scoop in the vase will help the tulips last longer. In addition, a bag of flower food often arrives with the bouquet of flowers purchased.

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7) Use Ice Cubes

As explained in #2, tulips do not like heat. Throwing some ice cubes in will surely please them.

8) Combine With Other Types of Bulbs? Then Be Careful

Daffodils and hyacinths secrete a slime that other flowers cannot tolerate and will die if placed in the same vase. If you still want to mix them, put them in the vase alone for a day and then put them in with the other flowers. After this period, the mucilage will no longer be harmful. The next time you change the water, do not cut the flowers at an angle again. There are also remedies available that can immediately nullify the effects of the slime, so you can immediately put the mixed flowers in the vase.

9) Avoid Too Much Water

Instead of filling the vase completely with water, it is best to fill it about one-third full. This way, the tulips will last longer. Since they drink a lot, it is a good idea to check them regularly to make sure they do not dry out.

10) Buy Fresh Tulips

When choosing flowers for a bouquet, it is best to choose flowers that are still in bud. The more tulips open, the longer they will last.

In addition, to keep the beauty of tulips for a more extended period of time, you need to do the following:

  • Cut the stems straight with a sharp knife, not at an angle like other flowers. This will prevent the tulips from absorbing too much water and falling.
  • Remove the leaves from the water and place the flowers in a clean vase .
  • Add a pinch of cut flower nutrients or chlorine to help the flowers bloom more vigorously and keep the water cleaner longer.
  • Keep tulips out of direct sunlight, away from ripe fruit, heaters, and stoves.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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