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Top 5 Interesting Things To Know About Flowers


Flowers have always interested us for their colors, perfumes, and numerous virtues. They can be offered, cooked, used in medicine, or used only as decoration. Often used as interior decoration or to embellish gardens, flowers are, above all-natural elements that allow giving fruits. Thanks to the insects that pollinate flowers by collecting pollen and depositing them on other flowers, buds are created, which then give fruit. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about flowers.

1. The colors of roses have a meaning


Each flower has a color created by a multitude of small pigments. If you want to give roses to someone, you have to pay attention to the color you choose because the colors of the roses all have a very specific message. For starters, red evokes love and passion. Red roses are ideal if you want to declare your love or if you want to give flowers to the one you love.

Orange roses send a strong message of attraction. They should be given to someone you desire to let them know they are wanted. Pink is softer and gentler and is synonymous with affection. Roses of this color can be given to someone who is unaware of your feelings in a game of seduction.

White expresses purity, respect, and sincerity. White roses are usually given in large ceremonies such as weddings because they are synonymous with tenderness and peace. Finally, yellow is a color that refers to warmth and sunshine. Yellow roses express friendly and sincere feelings. They should be avoided in a love affair and reserved for friendships.

2. Flower colors and scents attract insects

The color and scent of flowers are very useful since they serve to attract insects. This game of seduction is essential for flowers, which must be pollinated. Insects are very sensitive to odors thanks to olfactory receptors located on their antennas. They also see certain colors like yellow, purple, and blue. This is why many wildflowers are adorned with these colors.

In addition, the petals of flowers have patterns, streaks, and spots that are invisible to the naked eye. Insects can see them, and these lines in the center of the flowers act as guides, telling insects where to land to collect nectar.

3. Poppy and Sunflower are odorless flowers


If flowers are known for their perfume, some have no smell at all. This is the case of the Poppies, these scarlet flowers which appear in the fields during the summer. This flower is fragile since it fades very quickly, and the Poppy has no scent. To attract insects, the flower relies on its bright color.

This is also the case with the Sunflower, which has no smell. To be pollinated, the flower attracts insects with its bright yellow petals, which arouse the curiosity of birds, bees, moths, and beetles. Finally, Dahlias are also odorless flowers since only the leaves have a peppery scent. Like the Poppy and the Sunflower, the Dahlia attracts insects with its bright colors.

4. Some flowers are edible

In addition to having a strong smell and beautiful color, many flowers have nutritional qualities. There are several types of edible flowers, which can be sweet, sour, tangy, or vanilla. Depending on the variety, they can be eaten raw or cooked. France cultivates many species of flowers intended to be eaten. These flowers are a real condiment and provide minerals and vitamins.

For example, nasturtium is rich in vitamin C. Some flowers have special tastes like Borage, which tastes like oysters. Begonia has a crunchy texture, and Primrose tastes like honey. Be careful, however, not to eat flowers bought from a florist, which are treated with preservatives and are very toxic.

5. They can be used in cooking and medicine


On Earth, there are millions of varieties of roses. They are generally offered for their beauty and to declare one’s love, but they have many virtues and can be used in various fields. Roses are particularly used in perfumery. As their scent is stronger in the morning, they are picked at dawn to preserve their fragrance.

Roses can also be used in cooking to flavor jams, butter, or pastries. The rose has calming properties and can be used in infusions, powder, water, or balm. It calms the mind and reduces nervousness. It has to soften and toning properties, which are ideal for beauty products such as body and skin care.

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