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10 Colorful Flowers To Grow in Winter

Colorful winter flowers and plants in winter? Nothing is impossible if you choose the right winter plants. From evergreens and trees with colorful bark to vibrant blooms, we tell you which flowers and plants you can count on in fall and winter. Take inspiration from these colorful photos and let the color spill from your garden or balcony during the dark season!

1) Calycanthus

If you are looking for a plant that produces fragrant flowers during the winter months, Chalicanthus Chimonanthus praecox is a perfect choice. This medium-sized shrub produces several pale yellow flowers directly from the branches.

The flowers sprout from the bare wood before the leaves. Flowering is from January to late February. The fragrance is very delicate and fresh, reminiscent of jasmine. Its hardiness makes it ideal for growing in northern Italy.

2) Erika

Erika is a plant that flowers from summer to fall. A perennial, this variety is also used in winter to decorate balconies and flower beds. A particularly winter variety is the gracilis. The leaves are needle-like and deep green in color. The flowers, however, are pink, purple, or white. Its resistance is such that it can survive an entire winter. Depending on the variety, heather makes a beautiful addition to gardens and windowsills all year round.

3) Rhododendron

Known as the Alpine rose, rhododendrons are very similar to roses and will bloom spectacularly in winter. Rhododendrons generally bloom at the end of the cold season. However, they require year-round care.

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4) Hellebore

Hellebores are very cold and hardy. It also requires very little care. Only minimal watering is needed. The soil should always be well-drained, not stagnant, and placed in the sun during the warmer months. It produces pink, purple, and white flowers in winter that resemble roses. For this reason, it is also known as Christmas rose.

5) Camellia

The most common camellia is Japonica, which blooms from February to May. There is also a variety called sasanqua, which blooms from November to March, but is not as showy. Although cold-resistant, camellias are afraid of frost and need shelter during the flowering season.

6) Cyclamen

Cyclamen also blooms in winter, but blooms vary depending on the sowing. The variety Persicum is found in Italy and originates from the Orient. It generally flowers from September to spring. Colors vary from pink to red to white.

The plant is suited to winters that are not too cold, and should be rather careful with frost. In the event of snow or frost, it should be brought indoors, away from heaters. The ideal indoor temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

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7) St. Joseph jasmine

Known as St. Joseph Yellow Jasmine, this yellow-flowered variety blooms in winter. It is a perennial herb with double flowers in spring and summer. To grow best, it needs a support grid to climb. The leaves are long and the flowers are fragrant.

8) Lonicera

For fragrant flowers in winter and spring, choose Lonicera (Lonicera fragrantissima). Native to China, it is a bushy plant that can grow up to 3 meters in diameter. The color of the flowers is white, which makes it very collegial.

9) Snowdrops

Snowdrops symbolize the end of winter. In fact, they sprout here and there as the last snow of the season melts. They are planted in the fall to bloom in the winter. Place the bulbs under 5 cm thick and equidistant from each other.

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10) Witch Hazel

Witch hazel flowers are very distinctive in their lacy arrangement. Colorwise, the petals are golden yellow with red stripes, and the flowers of this plant delight the garden from February to March.



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