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Top 5 Garden Gnome To Decorate Your Garden


Garden gnomes have always been popular and are one of the most popular decorative garden statues out there. Most of them tend to be cute and lovely to look at, while others are abominations of nature. If you want a more original and eccentric way to decorate your garden, then you might want to look into garden gnomes.

Having said this, due to their popularity, it is relatively hard to find an original one out there, but even the most common one can be a great improvement for your garden. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our tips to decorate your garden with garden gnomes.



Gnomes are seen as legendary humanoid creatures that are often associated with wisdom but are also considered to be treasure keepers in a lot of European countries. They are often associated with Earth elements and can be seen throughout the world and in the myths of several countries. Gnomes are usually male figures that rarely exceed two feet in height and are usually dressed in solid-colored clothes and wearing a bright red hats.

They are often thought of as magical protectors of the earth, and some people even consider them as being a hidden process of plant life. The first gnome as we know it now was designed by Philip Griebel in the latter half of the 19th century. They became so popular from then that many manufacturers started producing their own versions of garden gnomes. Often associated with the working class, it has created a galvanizing reputation; people either love or hate them.

1. Classic garden gnome

This is an old but goodie and has a long history that dates far back to ancient Rome. It is a small statue of a typically rotund figure in the shape of a bearded man. It is also often dressed in traditional Bavarian style clothing and often wearing a pointed red hat. They are a symbol of the old country, and they are perfect for any home. They are the perfect start when you are just beginning your gnome collection.

2. Zen garden gnome


It is a gnome in the lotus position (meditating/yoga), and it is the perfect addition to any backyard out there, especially if you are spiritual. The zen gnome is one of my favorite because it represents what a garden should be, a relaxing area. It is one with nature and enjoys soaking in the sunlight, and we love it for that. It is also the perfect gnome for a zen garden and is usually made of resin with UV-resistant paint. This entails that it is built and designed to last for years.

3. Welcome garden gnome

They are usually holding a welcome sign in their hands, and they are the perfect way to greet any guests when they went your backyard or garden in an unpretentious and fun way. They usually make a great addition to any garden out there and can really spruce things up quite a bit. They are very visually appealing and are also extremely functional. It is a great way to add some personality to your exterior living area, and your guests will surely appreciate it.

4. Angry gnome


This little guy has been here for a long time, and it is one of my other favorite gnomes out there. You can find it throughout centuries, chasing people with his unwelcoming gestures or message. People tend to speculate about its odd behavior, but I’d like to think that it is just a grumpy older person who doesn’t particularly like people. Another explanation is that it loves gardening too much and doesn’t want others to disturb it. It is another way to give your garden more personality and makes it look unpretentiously fun.

5. Garden gnome family

A single gnome will get lonely in your garden, so why not invite their whole family this way? They won’t feel lonely. Gnomes are typically a social bunch (maybe apart from angry gnomes), and this means the more, the merrier. So gather their friends and relative in your garden to create a happy group of friends. They don’t have to be a cereal packet family and can be a representation of your blood or chosen family.

Final thoughts


We hope that our list helps you with your decorating endeavor, and buying a garden gnome or two will surely embellish your garden, and in our eyes, it is something that everyone needs in their backyard. They are a sure way to add décor and personality to your garden and make your exterior space stand out compared to other properties. 

Because of this, they have been popular decorative items for gardens for eons now, which is why you should consider them for your home. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about garden gnomes.

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