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Tree Planting – Why You Should Call an Arborist

Trees, whether ornamental or fruit trees occupy a special place in our environment and gardens. They shape the space, tell you about the season and provide shade and freshness. They are real assets for your outdoor spaces and raise the value of your property. Getting started in tree planting is a great adventure from helping the tree reach maturity and then benefiting from the joy that it brings in your garden.

Tree Planting: Defining the Right Location

Elm Tree Planting on the North Lawn.

Finding the best place for a tree is more complicated than it seems: it is necessary to anticipate not only its adult size but also its needs as it grows. Thus, to fully develop, it will have to be able to grow without any constraints of space.

You should also make sure that it does not hinder the growth of other plants, is not dangerous for your home, and does not disturb neighbours. Think also of the shadow it will cast, which can be either profitable or penalizing.

Defining the right location also means knowing the regulations resulting from the law. They specify the rules of distance, maintenance, and collection to be respected. If you are looking for tree experts, K-W Tree Expert Co. has a good understanding of the science of tree planting. They know the right technique for planting trees and can plant large or small trees.

Tree Planting: Choosing the Right Tree

Several criteria must be taken into account to determine which tree to plant.

Available Space

The size of the garden is essential information, as it will tell you which tree species to choose: trees, shrubs, saplings.

Good to know: the branch of the adult tree should be proportional to the size of the garden so as not to create imbalances or be dangerous to people. Suspended or bent branches are serious safety risks that require immediate attention. K-W Tree Expert Co. provides tree safety inspections and a wide range of other services. They have a team of experienced arborists who can assess these threats to you and your property.

Wood Species

Particular attention should be paid to the wood species. Indeed, some of them produce a large quantity of dead wood that may not only fall and damage the roof or car in your garden but also in the neighbour’s yard.

Others have roots that grow on the surface and deform the ground.

The Functional Aspect of the Tree Must Be Taken into Consideration

An evergreen tree will provide a pleasant shade during summer and reduce wind gusts in winter, while a tree with sparse branches will filter the light on the terrace and a grove will hide the neighbour’s sad wall.

How to Plant an Ornamental Tree

Contact K-W Tree Expert Co. directly for a personalized quote.

Tree Planting: Choose the Type of Planting

Trees and shrubs can be planted as individual plants, groves or hedges.

Lonely Plants

In small gardens, only one beautiful tree is enough. It can be highlighted in the centre of a lawn, placed at the end of an alley to play on the perspective or even accompanied by flower beds. Several lonely plants can be planted in large gardens. Their location should be carefully considered to shape the space.


Another way to plant trees is to organize them into groves. In small gardens, we prefer shrubbery.

If space is more significant, a grove of tall trees (e. g. pines) can be planted, which will give mystery and charm to the garden.


Trees and shrubs can also be planted as hedges at the property limits. It is a good way to close an area and protect it from the prevailing winds.

Depending on the needs, a hedge can be:

  • high (e. g. poplar hedges) or low;
  • deciduous, persistent or mixed: in the latter case, it is recommended to plant 1/3 of persistent and 2/3 of deciduous;
  • defensive: when composed of very thorny species such as roses, pyracanthas, Berbers, hollies, etc., it can replace a fence.

Tree Planting: Before Investing

Before investing in trees, remember to check their compatibility with the nature of your soil. Ask a tree expert in your area, because it would be a real disappointment if the chosen subject withered after implantation because of a lack of acid soil or a lack of soil rich enough.

If you are unsure between a young tree and a larger one, be aware that a small tree is cheaper and will adapt more quickly.

Finally, the choice between a bare-rooted tree or a container tree will depend mainly on the time you wish to plant.

Bare-root Planting

Bare-root planting runs from November to mid-March, when the tree has no leaves. This type of planting is particularly suitable for isolated plants or those living in windy areas.

Container Planting

Container planting runs from September to May. Recovery in the wild is considered safer; however, it is relevant to know how many weeks or months the tree has been in a pot. If locked up for too long, the roots may form a bun that will prevent the most important ones from fetching water deep and anchoring the tree properly.

So the above are the reasons why you would need to contact an arborist. Good luck and hope you achieve your dream garden! Contact professionals directly to obtain a personalized quote and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.

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