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How Do I Landscape My Garden?


– What is a man-made landscape?

– How do you design a perfect landscape?

Landscaping aims to build a harmonious garden while integrating the different spaces that meet your desires and tastes.

Landscaped garden, in the real sense, is a garden designed and laid out to evoke a natural landscape; a typical example is the 18th-century English landscape garden. It is an irregular and picturesque garden with winding paths, which contrasts with the straight lines and geometry of 17th-century formal gardens.

In this sense, a Japanese garden, an exotic garden or a Mediterranean garden can also be considered landscape gardens, since they are designed to evoke landscapes typical of certain regions.

In the broadest sense

A garden’s landscaping aims to build a harmonious garden while integrating the different spaces that meet your desires and tastes.

Recently, the term “landscaped garden” has taken on a broader meaning, designating the garden designed and created by a landscape professional, whether or not it evokes a natural landscape.

The landscaped garden then becomes a garden that has been thought out and thought through from the design stage. For example, it contrasts with the more spontaneous parish priest’s garden, which is cultivated little by little, without a preconceived plan.

How do you design a perfect landscape?

The creation of a landscaped garden goes through several stages: first of all, a global reflection upstream, an unavoidable stage which signs a landscaped garden, then the plan, the structural work, the installation of the framework of the garden, and finally its finishing touches.

Landscaping: a reflection upstream

In practice, what marks a “landscaped” garden is precisely this upstream reflection, which will guide the subsequent realization to reach a global harmony.

Before designing a landscaped garden, it is necessary:

– To question one’s tastes in terms of the garden and clearly define one’s desires and needs: terraces, lawns, meadows, flowerbeds, vegetable garden, orchard, children’s play area, car park, swimming pool project, etc.

– To set a budget, which can be divided into several parts: the budget at the beginning of the project, the budget for the second, third year, etc.

– To honestly define the time that you are prepared to devote to the maintenance of the future garden (so many hours per week or month). In this respect, it is essential to know that some garden elements require more care than others: lawns, flowerbeds, and rock gardens require more maintenance than meadows and shrubs.

Landscaping: the garden plan

This plan is essential even and especially if you are designing your garden, without the help of a landscaper.

Landscaping: the structural work

The structural work consists of

– Plowing the land.

– Shaping the terrain if you wish to create or accentuate slopes.

– Plan everything that will have to be buried: tanks, electric cables, automatic watering, etc.

– Create terraces.

– Create paths.

Landscaping: the framework of the garden

To create the garden’s framework, the first plantations that will structure it are the main trees, lawn, meadow, hedges.

Landscaping: the finalization of the garden

The last step is to plant shrubs, create flowerbeds, rock gardens, etc., which will fit in with the whole garden all the better if they have been planned from the start.


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