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How to Successfully Lay Grass in Your Garden?

A beautiful, weed-free lawn is a must to beautify your green space. Grass is of paramount importance for decorating your exterior, improving your well-being, and preserving the environment. Indeed, it produces oxygen, purifies the air, reduces heat islands, conserves water, and constitutes a safe playing surface. But how do you install grass properly? Let’s find out in this article the keys to success.

Which turf to choose?

Choose your lawn according to the purpose of your outdoor space (playground, picnic area, recreational area, etc.), the characteristics of your soil, and the climate of your home.

First, choose between natural and artificial grass, depending on your conviction.

Second, choose between seeded turf and sod. The former is affordable, but its installation is complex, requiring patience and a proper method. The latter is very practical (easy to install and maintain). You will get a green grass carpet right after its installation. But its cost is prohibitive (4 times more expensive than the previous one).

Finally, choose between the 5 varieties of grass, which are :

Ryegrass which is the most popular variety. It is robust, easy to install, and composed of several grass varieties. However, it is sensitive to drought and heat.

The cynodon dactylon which is a hardy plant. It is the least aesthetic but resists everything (climate, trampling, etc.).

The bentgrass or agrostide which is fine and dense, is generally intended for golf courses. It requires intense maintenance and does not tolerate drought or heat.

Bluegrass which exists in 2 types. The meadow grass is resistant, has a good capacity of regeneration and supports the heat well, while the common meadow grass appears as a crawling plant and is fragile to trampling.

Fescues have beautiful and delicate foliage. They adapt well to shade and humidity.

What is the best time to install grass?

The best time to install grass is either spring or fall.

In other words, it should be avoided during high heat (summer) and frost (winter).

What are the steps to install turf?

The installation steps differ depending on the type of turf you choose.

First, let’s talk about the installation of seeded turf. First of all, prepare the soil that will receive it. To do this, remove tall grass, plow the land to break up clumps of dirt, spread the soil evenly, rake out all debris (rocks, roots), and level with a roller to obtain firm soil. Then, ensure the seeds adhere well to the soil with a lawn broom. Then broadcast or drill the seeds. Go over it twice in a criss-cross pattern. Finally, scrape the surface with a rake and apply 2 coats of light rain watering.

In the second step, let’s focus on installing a lawn roll. To begin, prepare the soil in the same way as before installing a seeded lawn (raking, leveling, etc.). Then, lay the first roll at the bottom of the garden, to avoid trampling the rolls already laid. Glue the rolls to the ground, pressing them down all over the surface and avoiding overlapping them. At the end of the installation, smooth the whole area with a roller and water it thoroughly. Wait at least 10 days after installation to mow.

Who can install your lawn?

To obtain a better aesthetic result and so that you have more time for other occupations, entrust the installation of your lawn to a professional.

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