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Houseplants for Apartment Dwellers Part 2

Continuing with the topic of house plants that you can keep in your home, here is a fresh list of these amazing plants that will embellish your home.

1. The gem of Zanzibar

This plant has an astonishing appearance and is known to be almost indestructible, which makes it a perfect plant for those who neglect plants. They are really drought resistant and can survive without water for a long period. This plant is native to Africa and has deep and shiny green leaves. Zanzibar Gem plants are very resistant because of their ability to store water in their tuber. Be careful not to water them excessively or let them rest in water. In fact, this plant thrives when you don’t water them too often. Just water them once a month and it’s best to place them in a light or slightly shady spot. Never keep them in full sun as they may burn.

2. Anthurium Andraeanum

They are native to Colombia and are characterized by their dark green color and long tough leaves. They produce red, pink and white heart-shaped flowers that can last several weeks. The flowers are actually leaf-shaped bracts that surround a cylindrical spike. They need intense sunlight to flower and the soil must be uniformly moist in summer and dry in winter. In summer, you can fertilize them every two weeks with a liquid fertilizer with a high phosphorus content.

3. Maidenhair fern

It is a beautiful addition to your home. Their leaves are light green and feathery with soft, shiny stems. They would make a wonderful hanging plant. They are really fragile plants that need neither too much light nor too little. They must be cultivated well in a warm and not very wet place. You can create your own rainforest environment. Just fill a saucer with pebbles under the potted plant. Pour water into the saucer and when the water evaporates, it will create a humid microclimate around the plant.

4. Rubber plant

Otherwise known as rubber figs, they contain glossy leaves of burgundy and dark green color and are very trendy for house plants. You can either encourage them to become a large houseplant or let them stay small in a small pot. They are temperature resistant and are a sturdy option that requires bright, indirect light, with weekly watering in the summer and monthly watering in the winter.

5. Baby Toes

This plant results from a family of succulent plants. They are called “baby toes” because of their small size and their resemblance to the small toes of an infant. They are a really wonderful attraction because of their unusual appearance. They grow well in indirect sunlight and need to be well drained. These plants are ideal to decorate a table, but they can also be placed in any room of the house.

6. Chinese money plant

These pretty plants are well known for their beautiful round leaves. They are also called “missionary plants” because in the 1940s the Norwegian missionary Agnar Espergen brought cuttings of this plant home. This is how the plant finally spread all over the world. They are very easy to propagate. They need only partial shade and must be well drained. They are also an excellent decoration for shelves.

7. Areca Palm

This plant can grow anywhere in the house thanks to the indirect sunlight. The leaves turn yellow if they are exposed to the direct light of the sun during a very long period. The Areca palms can reach a height of 3 meters when they are placed outside, but when they are placed inside, they are limited to approximately 3 meters. You can decide to put the plant in a small container. This way, the crowded roots will help to limit the size of the plant. The plant is a very effective humidifier. You can water them enough to keep the soil moist, except during the winter.

8. Aloe Vera

This brilliant plant eliminates benzene and formaldehyde from the air. It is also commonly accepted that they are very good to have a beautiful complexion. The plants of aloe like to be hot and dry rather than cold and wet. That is why you should only water the pot when it is dry. The best location for the plant in the house is near a sunny window. Aloe will not grow in the shade. Don’t water the plant if you’ve just repotted it, as the roots should settle in.

9. Indian basil

Commonly called Tulsi, this plant requires very little maintenance and has several medicinal properties. It is one of the best indoor plants for oxygen and is good for purifying and improving air quality. You can plant it in a simple pot. The plant needs regular sunlight and you will need to water it regularly. Indoor plants are a great idea for home decoration. These plants not only improve the look of your home, but they also purify the indoor air. Start by choosing from your favorite plants and see where they stand.

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