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What are Organic Fertilizers and How are They More Beneficial?

It has been discovered that traditional chemical fertilizers can be dangerous for your plants. That is why researchers came up with organic fertilizers. Organic substances are more environmentally friendly and easy to use. Today we are going to teach you about organic fertilizers and how you can use them to improve the condition of your garden.

What are organic fertilizers?

Each garden needs a different kind of chemical that is why organic fertilizers are gaining in fame. Unlike traditional chemical fertilizers, natural compost for gardens is made from a single ingredient and can be modified according to your garden’s nutritional needs. Organic fertilizers compose of natural ingredients which can be derived from a plant, animal or mineral sources all depending on the chemicals which your garden needs. It is important to know your garden well before indulging into natural compost.

It is necessary to know that organic fertilizer is not as quick as chemical fertilizers, it takes time for the beneficial organisms to break and make their way to your plant. Rest assured, as your plants will be getting their proper nutrients even if it is going to take some time. You just have to let the manure moisture and work out on its own pace. You can use only half of the natural compost for 1 year and the rest will be slowly released along the years and will continue feeding and conditioning your soil.

Different types of Organic Fertilizer for the well being of your garden

I am sure that you must be asking yourself which is the best organic fertilizer that you can use? First of all congratulations for choosing to use an environmental friendly nutrient rather than the chemical one. Well, to answer your question, there are a number of organic fertilizers you can select from. It all depends on your garden type and needs. If you think that you will get all-purpose organic fertilizers just like chemical fertilizers, you are wrong! All purpose organic fertilizers for gardens do not exist. In the organic section, we use different kinds of nutrients and ingredients to make organic fertilizers. All the ingredients needed will depend on your soil that you are using and plants which you are planning to grow in your garden.

If you want quicker results, it is better than you choose a plant-based organic fertilizer as they are quicker to break and they offer more in terms of soil conditioning. These plant-based fertilizers such as alfalfa meal or compost help for drainage and moisture retention. It is very helpful for poor soils. Other plant-based fertilizers that you can consider cottonseed meal, molasses, legume cover crops, and others. Another option is animal-based fertilizers. It comes in the form of manure, bone meal or blood meal. The main benefits are that it adds a lot of nitrogen to the soil which helps for the proper growth of your plants. It is very beneficial for green leafy plants especially during the early weeks of gardening. Other animal-based fertilizers consist of fish emulsion, milk, urea, and manure tea. You can also choose a mineral-based fertilizer. These fertilizers can add necessary nutrients to the soil as well as raising and lowering the PH level that your plant needs to grow healthily. Some types of fertilizer are calcium and Epsom salt which is a mixture of magnesium and sulfur.

Why are organic fertilizers important for your garden?

Organic nutrients are perfect for your garden as they feed your soil and create a sustainable environment. If your soil is healthy, your plants will be healthy too. It has been proven by studies that when you choose to garden organically, you do much more than nourish your soil with good nutrients. Organic fertilizer slow releases nutrients to the soil which destroys fungi and microbes. It is beneficial as it gives the plants the strength and vitality that it needs to grow properly. It protects them from dangerous pests. You can choose to do organic gardening by adding compost to your soil which will improve the quality of your soil. It also enhances the nutrients which are being released in your plants and increase water retention. Adding compost also reduces the risk of soil erosion or runoff and suppress some diseases. High-quality fertilizers are composed of natural decomposition and are easily digested by plants.

I have personally tried organic gardening and let me tell you that you are going to enjoy every bit of it. It is best as it destroys insects and pests. By consuming fruits or vegetables which we grow organically, it decreases the potential of many diseases as they are chemical-free and organic gardening takes a gentle approach to get rid of all pests. Personally, I would recommend people to try organic gardening especially if your goal is to eat more healthily.

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