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6 Gardening Benefits for Your Health

Do you remember when you were a child how an afternoon spent in your garden or a park was your favorite part of the day? You liked to play around the trees, create games, and enjoy the freshly mowed grass barefoot. This simple piece of land, full of iridescent green leaves and the rosiest blossoming flowers, was a place to play and a haven of joy. Although you would give anything to savor these moments again, these days, you are too busy. As an adult, you often think of yourself as a plants-person. But, since you don’t think gardening brings too many benefits, this hobby has been at the bottom of your priority list.

What if we tell you that gardening actually comes with numerous benefits, especially for your health? Will you find the time for gardening again and perhaps, from time to time, connect with the lost child in you and play in your own garden? Not sure? We may be able to dispel your doubts with this article! Here are 6 health benefits you will get if you start gardening.

1. You’ll Burn Calories

While you will rake and cut grass, chop wood, dig, and shovel, you’ll use every muscle in your metabolism. All these exercises will help you burn fat and help in maintaining a healthy weight. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, light yard work can allow a person weighing about 70kgs to lose approximately 330 calories per hour. These moderate physical activity will also help in strengthening your heart.

2. Stress Relief

Gardening will have a calming effect on you and decrease symptoms of depression. Since growing plants allow you to focus on a task and goal, you’ll stop thinking about things that make you anxious. This will reduce cortisol levels in your body, hence relieving you from stress. In this regard, researchers even encourage hospitals to promote gardening as recreational therapy in rehabilitation centers as gardening can improve motor skills.

3. A Boost of Vitamin D

Since you will be exposed to the sun while cultivating your plants and flowers, your metabolism will produce a good vitamin D dose. This vitamin helps strengthen your immune system. And it also promotes the absorption of calcium, an essential mineral for maintaining healthy bones. So when you’re caring for your garden, enjoy your sunbaths, but always remember to apply sunscreen first!

4. A Basket of Healthy Food

The age in which we live generally pushes us to eat ready-made meals or processed foods. However, if you grow your own vegetable or fruit garden, you can enjoy a wide range of fresh and healthy foods. You’ll also be able to make your own organic compost and be sure to prepare your dishes with ingredients that have not been treated with chemicals and pesticides.

5. You’ll Foster a Sense of Community

When you garden, you don’t have to do it alone. We recommend that you practice this hobby with others, including your family, friends, and even neighbors. This human interaction will allow you to create new memories, share good times with your peers, and create new bonds. While fostering a sense of community through gardening, you will cultivate not only plants but also relationships with your loved ones.

6. Gardening Will Improve Your Mood

Last but not least, nurturing a garden, especially witnessing growth, helps to boost your mood. As you will be responsible for breathing life into plants, you’ll also experience a sense of accomplishment, which will reinforce your self-esteem and make you happier!

While we’ve listed the most common benefits of this hobby, whether you are maintaining a small or large garden, gardening can bring many more advantages for your health and we deeply encourage this activity. 

Have you experienced other perks of gardening? Let us know in the comments below.

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