Garden lovers Swimming Pool What Is The Budget For A Mirror Pool?

What Is The Budget For A Mirror Pool?


Have you always dreamed of having your own pool? Why not opt for the mirror model? It can be installed on a terrace or in the garden. However, it is a rather complex pool to build. That’s why it is essential to use the services of a professional. But, before choosing any craftsman, find out the costs to consider by following this article. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about a mirror pool.

The characteristics of the mirror pool


The mirror pool has the same characteristics as the overflow pool. The water flows over the ends of the pool through channels, which creates the mirror effect. This type of pool has no coping so that the water surface is at the same level as the pool deck. This enhances its aesthetic appearance.

The biggest advantage of the mirror pool is its design. It brings a real added value to your outdoor space. Moreover, its maintenance is easy thanks to the gutters. As it is not equipped with a skimmer, the mirror pool does not require systematic repair work.

The different equipments of the mirror pool

The functioning of the mirror pool relies on different equipment, such as overflow and filtration pumps. Choose powerful models to ensure a good circulation of water in the filtration circuit. Non-return valves and solenoid valves are also part of the indispensable accessories for the mirror pool. They allow you to control the flow and the water level of the pool. The carbon dioxide injection system is another component of the mirror pool. It is not compulsory, but it ensures the balance of the pH of the water.

The construction process of the mirror pool

The construction of the mirror pool is carried out in several stages, starting with the installation of the channels. Then, it continues with the installation of the hydraulic circuit and the realization of the backfill. After that comes the construction of the concrete chain, the installation of the waterproofing of the pool and the troughs. At the end, there is the installation of the finishing elements.

However, before starting the work, consult the PLU with your town hall in order to know the administrative formalities to be carried out. In the case of a swimming pool between 20 and 100 m² for example, a simple declaration of work to the town hall is sufficient. If it is a construction larger than 100 m², a permit is required.

The budget for the construction of a mirror pool


The price of the construction of a mirror pool is between 25 000 and 50 000 €. It can vary according to the elements mentioned above. It is also likely to evolve according to the difficulties of your land. To be sure of the cost of the work to be done, it is best to ask for an estimate. This estimate can vary from one craftsman to another. If necessary, visit the sites in progress to have an idea of the work delivered.

To carry out this type of work, contact a specialized company. They can build different types of pools: traditional, overflow, wooden, mirror effect, etc. You can also entrust them with the construction of spas, the creation and renovation of terraces, the creation of driveways, the supply and installation of gates and fences. These professionals will most likely also have experience in the supply and installation of wooden structures such as panels, garden sheds, terrace sheds, pergolas, garage, carport, etc.

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