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The Different Ways To Heat A Pool


Have you just built your own pool? With a special heating system, you can enjoy your pool all year round. By following this article, discover the different types of heaters suitable for a pool.

The different types of low-cost pool heaters


Several types of heaters are available to keep the pool water warm. For example, there is the solar heater which requires the use of solar panels. It is ideal in sunny areas. However, you need to provide a large space to accommodate the solar collectors.

As for the solar cover or bubble cover, it is more economical compared to the previously mentioned device. In addition, in a few minutes, it increases the temperature of the pool water. By being installed over the pool, the bubble cover limits water evaporation.

To be able to swim even during windy periods, choose a pool cover. It both heats and maintains the temperature of the pool water.

Other pool heating systems available

Among the many pool heating systems, there is the electric heater. It is perfect for above-ground pools. The disadvantage of this type of heater is that it requires a large amount of energy. To do this, the installation of resistance at the level of the filtration system is essential.

To save energy, use a heat exchanger. It is easy to set up. In addition, using your boiler or heat pump, this type of heating allows you to optimize the temperature of the water in the pool. The heat exchanger is available in several models depending on the volume of water to be heated.

To benefit from an independent heating system, you can use the heat pump. It allows you to use your pool before and after the season. It is installed in the filtration circuit of the pool to obtain a better performance.

Selection criteria for pool heating

Before choosing the right heating system for your pool, consider its use. Will it be used for prolonged swimming, for year-round swimming, or for a second home pool?

Next, consider the features of the heater. Do you prefer a silent, versatile, ecological or economical system? You also need to consider such things as how long it takes to heat up, how efficient it is and how it heats up. Also, be sure to analyze whether it will be used occasionally or only occasionally.

Then, take into account the type of pool you have: outdoor, indoor, above-ground, underground, semi-buried, or buried. The volume of water, the type of water treatment and the lining are also to be considered.

To find the appropriate pool heating system, the installation method and the type of investment are other parameters to take into account. If after all these tips you are still unable to select the right pool heating system, seek professional advice

The pool heat pump


Thermor offers you its Aeromax pool heat pump. It allows you to heat your pool easily during the swimming season. Indeed, it is a system that does not depend on sunshine so it can be installed in all departments, in different powers! Thus, the choice of the model will depend on the size of your pool and your place of residence.

The pool heat pump system recovers the calories present in the air to heat the water in your pool. It is based on free energy! Thus, for 1 Watts of energy used, the pool heat pump will produce 4 to 5 (depending on the model and conditions of use).

Call on installers near you; these professionals will guide you in choosing your heat pump. Many criteria come into play, such as the desired temperature for your pool, or the period of use of your pool.

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