3 Genuine Advise For Taking Care Of Your Cacti


Cacti are a really bizarre plant, and they are weirdly elegant. They are not only a drought-resistant plant, but they are also magnificent flowers and are very easy to take care of. Even people who believe they don’t have a green thumb can take care of them. Cacti can fit in any décor and are a very versatile plant to have in your home.

Plants are more than décor but compared to your typical house plant, and it is far easier to take care of cacti. They aren’t a complex plant to take care of, and this is why they are the go-to for many people. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about cacti and how to take care of this weirdly fabulous plant.

1. Watering


Because they are drought-resistant species, they don’t need watering that often, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be watered at all. This is what becomes a headache for most people. Cacti need pseudo regular watering, but they just have a unique ability that makes them survive droughts.

Water your cacti every time the soil is visible dry to the touch. If you want your cacti to grow lush, then watering them is kind of vital. Especially if they are in a sunny area that gets a lot of heat throughout the day, you might have to water them at least a couple of times a week.

By watering your cacti once the soil is dry, then you are making sure that you aren’t waterlogging it, nor does it rot their roots. Cacti become dormant during the winter season, which means you can cut back on watering them.

2. Location


The Cactus is a desert plant and is used to desert climates. They are a drought-resistance species, and they love the sun. This is why you should allow them to bask in the sun, but it is essential to remember that some cacti can get sunburn. Be careful if you are putting them behind a window that gets direct sunlight, the glass magnifies the sun’s impact, and this is what causes burns.

You can keep your cacti under a bright light like an artificial indoor lamp during the winter season. During the summer season, you can let them bask on your patio and let them enjoy the fresh air and sun. The perfect direction is a south-facing window, and if your cacti start to turn brown or yellow, then you might want to move them to a different area where they can cool down.

3. Soil


Cactus gardens are becoming increasingly and more popular, and this is where a large variety of species of cacti can grow together in the same container. This can create a beautiful garden if you mix and match the cacti to give it a proper aesthetic.

Because cacti grow, they need to be repotted, and this means you have to get your hands dirty. Make sure to wear a heavy-duty glove to protect yourself from the cacti needles, or you can even use salad tongs to pick up the cacti and hold them before placing them in their new containers.

The soil you choose for your cacti should be one that is effective at draining soil. A soil that amasses water will cause the root of the cacti to rot over time. Cacti soil is sold in most gardening stores, and you can buy them there. If you are going to invest in cacti, then you should invest in the soil too.

A nice cacti garden is something that will wow people and is Instagram and Pinterest friendly. Make sure that you take care of your cacti and let them bloom. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us the name of your favorite cacti.

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