Breathtaking Ideas and Tips for a Swimming Pool Garden

When you think of gardens with a swimming pool, people’s minds tend to automatically move to a completely comfortable, relaxed and fresh environment… a perfect place to relax or meet friends and family for entertainment. With that in mind, in this article, we will give you some fantastic ideas and suggestions for you to decorate your garden with a pool. Let’s check them out!


#1. Garden Level With Large Pool

Usually, many people dream of a large party with a spacious house and a large garden with a swimming pool. In this case, the best ornament would be to choose a large tree that provides shade, in addition to a well-groomed and beautiful meadow made of either natural or completely artificial grass. On one side of the pool is a lounge area where you can relax whenever you want, such as reading or simply sunbathing. It is advisable to find some sun loungers under the gazebo, which can be both wooden and metal, or a canopy with curtains that offer shade only when you want. Under the pavilion, you could place a seating area where you can place garden furniture made of rattan or wood and several pillows on the floor to use the space.


#2. Garden With Irregular Pool

If you have a lot of space and don’t like straight cut pools, you can choose a winding pool with eight shapes, a kidney, or any other design to suit the room. You place it in the middle of the garden or in a corner dedicated explicitly to relaxing moments, and if you want it to give it a bigger look in the country, you can put some medium or large plants and create a path that leads to the pool. You can also encircle the edges; laying composite material or wooden floors gives the garden a warmer and more natural look. Clearly, you should not forget about comfortable furniture where you relax.


#3. Garden With Natural Pool

If you want your garden to look as close as possible to the lake or stream you were swimming in when you were a child, we recommend choosing an ecology or natural pool that does not require any chemical treatment during maintenance. It requires gravel, sand and/or volcanic rocks, other than plants, to help purify the water while providing a much more natural and pleasing look just the way you want it. In this case, the pool must be surrounded by entirely natural materials that ensure continuity of the whole set. The edges could also be made of wood or natural stone to get a warm and charming look.


#4. Enclosed Garden

To keep a garden, you do not need a very large garden to enjoy the good weather in the pool. If you have a backyard, you have the option to condition it as you wish. To get started, you need to hide it to avoid unwanted glances. For this purpose, you can cover the fence with a specialised coating that you like best and that suits your style, and then place a shower, patio chair and parasol to complete the whole set.


#5. Garden With Removable Pool

When choosing a swimming pool, you have a choice between different shapes, sizes and materials. A great alternative is usually removable pools, which have the advantage of not requiring any work to install. For finishing, you can choose from steel and stone effect, rattan or wood, although undoubtedly the most decorative are usually those covered with a tree. Put the pool where you want, set up a seating area around you and everything.

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