Garden lovers Swimming Pool Top 6 Building A Pool In Your Garden

Top 6 Building A Pool In Your Garden


What could be better than a swimming pool in your garden? This space for relaxation and family reunions is a real pleasure within reach, without having to move. This installation brings an average increase in value of 16.3% to your property.

If you want to install one in your garden, call on a pool specialist who will be able to give you all the necessary advice concerning the size, shape and type of pool to be installed, for an installation adapted to your needs and your budget. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our tips for building a pool in your garden.

1. Surface required for an in-ground pool


There are standards imposed by law for the installation of a pool. You must respect the mandatory distance of 3 m between the edges and the neighbor’s fence as well as a distance of 40 m from a motorway and 25 m from a major road. You must also provide a minimum circulation space of 80 cm around the pool. You should consider allowing more (up to 2 m) if you want to install furniture.

By considering these legal distances and the space required around the pool, you can estimate the usable area of your garden for its construction. If you have chosen to install one with a surface area of less than 10 m², no building permit is required, unless your house is located near a site or a historical monument.

For an in-ground pool with a surface area of between 10 and 100 m², you must make a declaration of works. Beyond 100 m², you must obtain a building permit. Think of an installation adapted to your needs, according to the users. The ideal size (if the surface of your garden allows it!) is 9,60 m × 4,80 m (that is to say a surface of 46 m²).

2. Preparing the ground

To build a pool, you need a flat, stable and spacious area. Remember to orientate the pool well, so that it is well exposed to the sun and protected from wind and indiscretions, preferably without trees nearby to avoid frequent cleaning.

3. Types of pools


The in-ground pool is ideal in terms of longevity and aesthetics, but you will have other choices: the dismountable above-ground pool or the overflowing pool.

4. Maintenance of a pool

A pool needs a certain amount of periodic maintenance:

    • Surface cleaning to remove visible dirt (leaves, insects, hair …), this can be done by a “skimmer”
    • Water treatment with chlorine, salt electrolysis or active oxygen. Make a check and proceed to the treatment every time the water changes color (becoming green or whitish) and/or irritating.

5. How to have a heated pool?

There are several ways to heat your pool. The pool cover is the easiest way to keep the water temperature higher by greenhouse effect. Its installation costs between 1000 and 4000 dollars depending on the surface to be heated. It is also possible to connect your pool with the heat exchanger of your boiler.

6. The cost of construction and/or installation of a pool


    • The inflatable pool is the most accessible with a price of 50 to 600 dollars depending on the size.
    • A concrete mini-pool of less than 10 m² starts at 1 500 dollars.
    • For a shell pool with a lifespan of 20 years, you should plan between 5,000 and 20,000 dollars depending on its size and the material it is made of.
    • A concrete pool of 10 m × 5 m costs about 20 000 dollars.

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