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Black Flowers to Add to your Garden

Black flowers tend to add more dramatic colors into your landscape. Imagine all those pastels colors in your garden! Beautiful right? This dream can become true if you know exactly which flower to invest in. To be honest, there is no flower which is really black, they are mostly a dark shade of maroon, purple or blue that seems to appear black.

Those flowers need a little bit of the sun to be noticeable if they groin a dark and shady place, it is useless as they appear to be a shadow. Be wise! Plant your black flowers in front of your green foliage along with orange or white blossoms. Trust me, your guests are going to envy your plants.

Below are some black flowers which are going to increase the beauty of your garden :

1. Bat Flower

The bat flower always put its personality in the display as its flowers are shaped like a cat. They even have an unusual whisker-like growth. In order for your bat plant to grow properly, you should put them in a humid and warm spot where they can get some sunlight.

2. Midnight Poppy

This flower is considered to be mystical as it is a juicy raisin-toned petal flower. These flowers are available as seeds which means that you can plant a large number of these spring bloomers. Midnight poppy plants produce deep taproot and hate transplanting. For it to bloom better, make sure that you put them in a sunny area in loose and sandy soil.

3. Nigra Hollyhock

Nigra Hollyhock makes any garden look beautiful with their waxy onyx petals which are held on five-foot stems. They also have a creamy center which is a home for bees. They seem to enjoy these flowers and the nectar which Hollyhock provides. It is the bold statement that every garden needs.

4. Queen of Night Tulip

Queen of the Night Tulip is one of those plants it and forget it flower. Once you are done planting them, flowers will take up to Mid May to appear. These flowers look best when its planted en masse. You can also mix them with a complementary color such as white or lavender. Make sure that you check the blooming time well before buying any tulips. There should be written “late tulip” on the bag.

5. Old Black Magic Bearded Iris

This flower is classified as a self-styled bearded Iris. It means that all the falls of the flower are of the same color. It is a beautiful black flower especially when it shines in the sun.

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