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7 Patio Plants to Colorfully Decorate Your Garden or Balcony

Potted houseplants can easily add greenery to your garden or balcony. With annuals, houseplants, and container plants, you can enjoy colorful blooms for months throughout the summer months; we’ve compiled a list of some colorful options to get you started!

1) Abutilon

Abutilons are a bit weak because of their large leaves, but if you give them a barrel and a place out of the wind, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. It flowers prolifically from late spring through September. It prefers a sunny location, but all-day sun is a bit much for it. So, please give it a place where it can bask in the sun for even a few hours a day. Keep an eye on them, especially on hot days, as they need lots of water. Also, if you give them nutrients when you water them once every two weeks, the flowers will last longer, and the plant itself will be healthier.

2) Akebono

Begonia elatior is a color bomb with red, white, pink, salmon, orange, and yellow flowers. And in single, semi-double, and double flower versions. Periodically removing the blooms after they have finished will prolong the blooming period, as it will continue to produce new flowers. Since this plant consumes a lot of water, it must be kept from drying out. Therefore, keep the root pot slightly moist at all times.

3) Hibiscus

The houseplant hibiscus (also known as Chinese rose) can be placed outdoors during the summer. It requires a reasonably warm, sunny climate to produce abundant blooms, which can be disappointing in rainy summers. Depending on the heat, watering with water and plant food regularly, once every two weeks, is recommended. Dead shoots will fall off on their own, but carefully peeling off the remaining green parts will allow all the energy to go to the new shoots.

4) Mandevilla

Also sold under the name Mandevilla, or Sundavilla, this plant has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because this plant produces beautiful flowers that never disappoint. The white, pink, and red trumpet-shaped flowers bloom one after another throughout the summer and continue into the fall. It will continue to flower even during prolonged rainy periods, and if given a few hours of sun exposure, it can withstand the intense summer sun. An added advantage is that it saves time, as there is no need to remove spent flowers.

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5) Potted Gerberas

Potted versions are also available for those who love gerberas as cut flowers. They come in many color variations, from pastel shades to full-blown bright colors. Potted gerberas should be grown in a sunny location, out of direct sunlight. It likes a lot of moisture, and the root ball should not be allowed to dry out. When pouring, be careful not to pour on the leaves themselves. Remove spent flowers, which will always produce new buds and bloom for at least 4 weeks.

6) Sunflowers

Also available are small potted sunflowers that grow up to about 40 cm tall. As its name suggests, it prefers to be in the sun. Therefore, potted sunflowers are thirsty and should be watered (within a day). Potted sunflowers usually have several buds. When one flower finishes blooming, cut it off and allow the other flowers to use their energy. After that, you can enjoy them for at least 8 weeks.

7) Marigolds

Marigolds need full sun (or semi-shade) and regular watering. The flowering period can be greatly extended by regularly removing the blooms after they have finished blooming. Because of its fragrance (which does not please everyone), it is not appreciated by insects. That is a further advantage of this plant. Orange is the most well-known color, but now there are also beautiful colors such as (light) yellow and red-brown.

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