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Garden Maintenance: 8 Essential Tools For Beginners

You finally have a house with your own garden, but then, that garden also needs to be taken care of. Many people who have their own garden for the first time want to create a beautiful garden right away, but they don’t know where to start, when to plant flowers, how often to water, how to create a nice path or terrace.

These are all questions that you could write a book about, but one of the most frequently asked questions is which gardening tools are most important when you start gardening. What do you really need to get your green fingers working?

1) Broom

Brooms are a garden tool that is all too common and often forgotten when shopping. Indoor brooms and outdoor brooms, which belong to garden tools, are two different things. Outdoor brooms are characterized by their stiff and thick bristles. This makes the broom resistant to coarse dirt and easy to use for dirt stuck between tiles.

2) Rake

This is probably one of the most underrated gardening tools. You can easily remove grass and leaves from the ground without disturbing the soil or grass with a rake. You will find that this tool is especially popular for gardening in fall.

A rake with sturdy legs can also be used to make small furrows for sowing seeds, perfect for preparing for a colorful and glittering spring. There are specialized tools available if you need them, but if you want to limit the tools in your garden, a rake is definitely the way to go.

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3) Leaf Blower

If you’re fed up with leaves, try using a leaf blower. Leaf blowers might now always be a necessity, but in time, you may find yourself looking at them differently in your new garden.

4) Loppers

A lopper is a gardening tool similar to a pruner but is usually used for larger branches. Unlike a saw, a lopper is longer, allowing you to apply more force. Loppers are very useful if you have large or tall plants in your garden.

In principle, pruning large branches is the same as pruning small plants with a lopper. Loppers save a lot of energy and are an indispensable gardening tool in a large garden.

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5) Watering Cans of Different Sizes

The watering can is a basic gardening tool like the rake and broom. Especially for potted plants, a watering can is an essential part of the complete garden kit. Ideally, you should purchase different sizes of watering cans. Some plants need water every day (in the spring or hot summer), while others require much less.

You can use a large watering can on days when many plants need watering and a small one when only a few plants need watering. An alternative to a watering can is a sprinkler using a hose. This is convenient but requires an external tap.

6) High-pressure Cleaners

As a rule, if you have a large garden terrace, a high-pressure washer should be indispensable. High-pressure washers can remove even the most stubborn stains because they spray water at very high pressure. This kind of dirt cannot be successfully removed using a broom and soap, so it is one of the most important collections of garden tools.

7) Shovel

The basic gardening tool, the shovel. With a shovel (sometimes called a spade), you can quickly dig a hole for planting (large) plants, for example. A small shovel is sufficient for small plants and flowers, but it is inefficient to plant trees and shrubs. Besides, digging a large hole with a small shovel requires a lot of work.

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8) Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are used to prune the branches of plants. Pruning should always be done with sharp shears to smooth the pruning wound. Dull shears are prone to fraying and increase the chance of fungus growth. If necessary, you can buy special gardening tools to re-sharpen old shears.

What else do you have in your collection of essential gardening tools? Let us know in the comments below!


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