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Evergreen Shrub Varieties

Planning to add shrubs in your garden? I know that when someone talks about evergreen shrubs, you think about those green uninteresting shrubs around your landscape. Well, think beyond those. Nowadays, you get plenty of compact bushes which are quite colorful. They are going to add aesthetic beauty to your garden. Those shrubs are so pleasing to the eyes that compliments will be showered by your guests.

You just have to be familiar with those shrubs. Below are some examples :

1. Yucca

When massed together, these plants form an impressive display, especially during their blooming season. If you are looking for something colorful, you should go for the ones with a golden foliage e.g Garland’s Gold or Golden Sword. The latter brings a nice color to your landscape even when they are not blooming. If you are keen to give your garden a Southwestern look, go for the Yucca!

2. Winter Heaths

With this one, you have to be a little patient as it shows its best results at the blooming period. Many people are impressed by this plant when they first decide to grow them. Those plants live up to their name as they bloom better during wintertime and add beautiful purple color to your landscape. This plant will impress your family and friends if it is grown in the perfect climate and conditions. It can start blooming in half a year.

3. Dwarf English Boxwood

This one might be as colorful as the others mentioned in this list, however, it is the perfect example as classic foliage. It is attractive in its own way and serves as a great background for your other plants. You can totally make this plant stand out by pairing it with red salvia and plant some white sweet alyssum flowers around it. The Dwarf English boxwood background is simply going to catch the appreciation of the viewers.

4. Minuet Laurel

Mountain Laurel is the most familiar broadleaf evergreen. If you have been to England during June, you might have spotted this beauty. Did you know that it is the national flower of Connecticut? The laurel bushes that you find in the forests can grow to be large but the original ones are dwarfs. It is suitable for people who live in urban or suburban areas as they don’t take too much space. In addition to that, compact bushes give more colorful flowers than the wild ones.

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