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4 Steps to Clear Wild/Overgrown Weeds

A neglected yard always, unfortunately, result in a crop of overgrown weeds. Nothing makes a house look so desolated and like an eyesore than an ignored yard. This definitely reduces the value of the property until you decide to rid the yard of unsightly growth. It is indeed an overwhelming task to know from where to start. By making a solid plan and gathering the necessary equipment you will be able to clear the wild weeds to achieve a tidy and attractive garden space.

Things You Will Need

 Scythe or grass hook

 Leaf rake

 Gardening gloves

 Lawn and leaf bags

 Lawnmower

Step 1

Cut the tall weeds right down to a manageable level with a scythe or grass hook. Use a mild, sweeping motion and let the blade slice smoothly through the weeds. Hold the tool firmly and rotate your body instead of swinging your arms. Cut a tiny low space at a time till you master the correct motion and consequently you will be able to tackle larger areas.


 Make sure the blade of the scythe or grass hook is sharp before you start.


 When using the scythe, you should work uphill all the time, rather than downhill. This will prevent you from accidentally falling on the blade.

Step 2

Use a leaf rake to assemble the cut weeds into a pile. Wear your gloves to protect your hands from irritants or hidden objects within the weeds. Place the cut weeds into as many bags as necessary and tie them firmly.

Step 3

Mow the area with a lawnmower to bring the weeds to an even surface. To begin your task, set the lawnmower blade to its highest setting. Mowing the high weeds at a too low speed at the beginning will clog your mower and cause it to stall.

Step 4

After reducing the level of the weeds, you may lower the lawnmower blade to your preferred setting and mow area one last time. When the level of the weeds will be low enough, you will be able to mow the area without causing the mower to clog.

Finally, after clearing the area, your level of satisfaction will peak. You can sit under the shade of a tree and breathe the clean air around. Take a good rest, put the radio, sip in your favorite drink, eat your food, and have a smoke if you are a smoker! You need a good pat on your shoulder for a good job!

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