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Finding the Perfect Pot for Your Plants

When shopping for pots, you may be overwhelmed by the array of materials and sizes available. But, by following the simple guide below you can find out what the perfect option for your plant is!

Terracotta is a staple choice for many plant owner. Unfortunately, the larger the pot you require, the higher the price becomes. Terracotta can also dry up very quickly, which may make it perfect for drought-loving plants and Mediterranean herbs, but also makes it more susceptible to cracks in the winter. For more cash, there are glazed options which don’t dry out as quickly.

With plastic pots, your options are unlimited. From different sizes to different colors, plastic pots are affordable, long-lasting, and lightweight options perfect for any plant whether indoors or out. The only problem with black plastic pots is when in the sun they can cause extreme damage to the roots of your plants.

Wooden pots are sturdy, weather-resistant options that will last you a long time before naturally breaking down back into your garden. The wood look also looks great in any garden and can be customized with paints and varnishes to suit your specific tastes.

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