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Types Of Peppers For Garden Lovers


Do you add peppers as an ingredient in your dishes? These fabulous colourful vegetables add value and bite to countless homemade dishes! Let’s take a look at all the various kinds of peppers there are.


Bell peppers

Bell peppers are also known as sweet peppers. They can be green, yellow, orange and red in colour. Also, they taste bitter when unripe but become sweeter when they start to ripen. I like them because they add colour and sweetness to my recipes!

Banana Peppers

These are medium-size peppers that are tangy and mild with a bright yellow colour. They also get sweeter as they ripen and are frequently served pickled. Moreover, they are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Piquillo peppers

These Spanish peppers are sweet in taste and are most often served roasted, skinned and jarred in oil with meat, seafood and cheese.

Friggitello peppers

These Italian peppers are bright yellow in colour and hotter in taste. They are also frequently pickled and sold in jars. As an interesting aside, did you know that they are called pepperoncini in the United States?


Cherry peppers

They are heart-shaped peppers that are mildly spicy in taste. Moreover, cherry peppers are used as an ingredient in pasta and chicken dishes. Did you know that the Spanish word for pepper is pimiento?

Shishito peppers

These are green and slightly hot peppers from East Asia. These are best eaten raw!

Hatch peppers

Hatch peppers are a type of New Mexican chilli and are essential in the region. They are also slightly pungent in smell, with a subtle spiciness and smoky taste. Furthermore, they are in high demand because of their quality and unique taste!

Chilaca peppers

These wrinkly chillies are slightly spicy with a prune-like flavour and black-coloured flesh. Also, when dried, they can be combined with fruits to make delicious sauces! What a wonderful condiment for my dinner!


Poblano peppers

These are large green peppers originating from Mexico. They also become spicier as they ripen. I prefer them roasted and stuffed!

Hungarian wax peppers

These are the secret ingredients for making paprika, a famous chilli powder. Also, their floral aroma and hotness make them special!

Mirasol peppers

They are mildly spicy, and they come from Mexico. We call them Guajillo peppers when they are dried and use them in marinades and seasonings such as rubs and salsas. No wonder salsas taste so good!

Fresno peppers

These peppers are found in Mexico and California. When ripe, they have a high ratio of flesh to the skin, making them perfect for stuffing! They are also spicier than other kinds of peppers, hence delights for spice lovers like me!


Jalapeño peppers

These are Mexican chillies that are plucked when they are still green. Their mildly spicy and fruity flavour makes them the perfect ingredient for salsas! Also, we call them Chipotle when they are smoke-dried.

Serrano peppers

These are tiny, fleshy and very spicy Mexican peppers. They are the perfect addition to spice up your salsas!

Cayenne peppers

These are very spicy red peppers that are popular in many cuisines. They are also the main ingredient in chilli powder made from blended spices.

Bird’s eye peppers

They are popular in Asian cuisines as they originate from Thailand. These small red chillies are surprisingly very hot, and you can use them in sauces, marinades, stir-fries, soups and salads.


Peri Peri

These Portuguese peppers are small but the most well-known for the acidic, spicy African hot sauce they are used to make.

Habanero peppers

These small orange peppers are known for being extremely spicy, and they are also flavorful and aromatic. These qualities make them good for hot sauces!

Scotch bonnets

These stout peppers are spicy and sweeter compared to other peppers. They are also very popular in Caribbean cuisine.

Tabasco peppers

These spicy little peppers are known to be the basic ingredient for the famous Tabasco sauce. I like the vinegar addition in this sauce as it makes it less hot but tasty!


Pequin peppers

They are tiny but extremely hot peppers that are used in pickles and sauces. They are also citrusy and nutty in taste.

Rocoto peppers

These are available in shades of orange, red and yellow and also have black seeds on the inside. Since they are large, they have thick flesh and hence can be added to salsas!

Finally, I know about all the popular pepper kinds that are available in the markets worldwide. After bell peppers, my favourite peppers are tabasco and Jalapeño peppers! I like to make homemade hot sauces to season my dinners! How about you? Which peppers do you want to try? Please share your comments below!

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