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5 of the Rarest Flowers on Earth

Plants represent one of the major kingdoms of life. They are particularly complex multicellular beings, which must carry out photosynthesis as part of their vital functions. After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, there are today an indeterminate number of different plant species, although we can say that they are in the range of hundreds of thousands of different species.

Of all these known plant species, only some of them have flowers. These flowers are nothing more than the reproductive structures of some plants, which we know as spermatophyte plants or phanerogamic plants.

Given the inability of plants to move, flowers play a fundamental role as an attraction mechanism for insects and other animals, which allows the reproduction of these plants through pollination. Perhaps this is why plants have developed an incalculable diversity of flowers over the course of their evolution. Some of them are absolutely familiar to us and we even use them daily as ornaments, for medicinal purposes, as food, etc.

Others, however, are exceptionally unusual and unknown. Characterized by their striking shapes, colors or aroma, flowers attract our attention and that of many other animals. Some are a symbol of nature’s beauty and all are a tiny sample of the richness and biodiversity of our planet. A wonderful reminder that we must move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

That’s why, to raise awareness of its importance, we will uncover today a small representation of these flowers. Some are particularly unusual, others are bizarre by their morphology and coloration. because they remind us of other things or because they hide surprising characteristics. Let’s have a look at the rarest flowers of the world.

1.Kadupul Flower

Often called “moon flower” or “midnight queen”, it is said to be the most expensive flower in the world. This is because this flower, which is native to countries such as Sri Lanka, Japan, India, China and parts of Central America, is so delicate that it cannot be handled without damaging it. Produced by a cactus, this flower blooms only from midnight and closes, by fading, with the dawn.

2.Jade Vine

Also known as emerald vine, this vine, native to the forests of the Philippines, belongs to the group of legumes, which is why it is distantly related to peas or beans. The flowers of this vine are characterized by their striking blue-green color and by the formation of clusters that hang down to the ground and can measure up to 3 meters long. Deforestation of the natural environment is one of the main threats to the jade vine, which is currently facing extinction. This threat is also compounded by the difficulty of artificially growing them, as these plants require the pollinating action of bats to reproduce.

3.Monkey Head Orchid

Native to Ecuador and Peru, this orchid is known for the resemblance that its petals, pistils and antenna keep with the face of a monkey. The “Dracula” of its scientific name refers to the character of Brahm Stoker, because of the resemblance of the shape of its petals with the fangs of the vampire. These flowers are found only at altitudes of about 2,000 meters above sea level, so they are very rare.

4.The Giant Ring

The Amorphophallus titanum is a very strange flower that is in serious danger of extinction. It is found only in certain low-lying and rainy regions of Indonesia, where it is known as bunga bangkai, which literally translates to “corpse flower”. And that’s because this huge flower, which can grow to nearly 3 meters high, gives off a rotten smell when it blooms. This dead meat smell is a perfect claim to attract flies, carrion beetles and other insects that help pollinate this plant. Amorphophallus titanum only blooms about once every 10 years.

5.Chocolate Flower

The chocolate flower is known by this name for its sweet aroma of vanilla and cocoa. Native to Mexico, this plant is currently extinct in the wild. Nowadays, it is only possible to contemplate it through the different clones that have been created by vegetative reproduction from the last wild specimen found in 1902. In addition to its pleasant aroma, this flower is also characterized by its intense brownish red color. It is therefore commonly used as an ornamental flower.

Here you go! These are the rarest flowers on earth and if you’re lucky, maybe one day you might be growing one of them in your own garden (if you don’t already). What flowers do you usually grow in your garden? Let us know in the comments below.

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