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What Type of Water Feature Is Best for Your Garden?

A water feature is a significant asset for your garden. On the one hand, it is an essential element of the exterior decoration, and a weapon of seduction, thanks to its charm and aesthetics. On the other hand, it plays a great role for the well-being of all, because it guarantees a beautiful view and a serenity of spirit during the moments of relaxation in the garden. There are several types of water features, but it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your garden and your budget.

A Garden Pond

A garden pond, also known as an ornamental pond, is an artificial water feature used to decorate an outdoor landscape. It can be decorated with fountains, fish, and aquatic plants.

It requires installing specific equipment, such as pumps and filters, especially for ponds fed by tap water. Its installation also requires the intervention of a landscaper.

In addition, the choice of the pond’s shape is essential and must marry the style of your garden. For example, if your garden is rustic, choosing a pond in the form of a small natural pond with curves and beaches is preferable. On the other hand, if your garden is contemporary in style, it is better to adopt a pond shape that respects the graphic lines of its environment in a T or L shape.

A Spa

A spa at home allows you to enjoy a wellness area nearby, free of charge and with unlimited use. It refers to a hot water basin with about 35° C, providing a massage through nozzles.

The conditions for its installation are simple. It is necessary to choose an ideal location that guarantees your privacy and serves as a shelter against bad weather and external pollution (insects, pollen, etc.). The ground must also be stable and resistant enough to receive a load of at least 1 ton. If your soil is still unstable, it will be necessary to proceed first with the earthworks. In addition, the foundation of the spa is required, either on a sand bed covered with a tarpaulin, or on a smooth concrete slab.

The spa can be used in any season, summer or winter. It is also available in several models and sizes, depending on the number of people it can accommodate, ranging from 2 to 9.

A Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is an artificial pool, intended for bathing and swimming. It can have various shapes and sizes, depending on its purpose. This type of water feature requires specific maintenance and water treatment.

Indeed, a significant number of models is available in terms of swimming pool. Here’s the 5 most popular pool models.

The traditional pool, which is buried and does not exceed the ground level, and it is the most durable and the most customizable. It should be noted that when the surface of your pool exceeds 100 m², a building permit is required. Moreover, it can be covered with different materials, such as tiles, paint, coating, liner or reinforced PVC, etc.

The overflowing pool is the type of pool where the water surface merges with the horizon line, and the water overflowing on one side is collected below in a gutter. It offers an unobstructed and exceptional view, which gives the illusion that the pool is an integral part of the surrounding landscape thanks to the feeling of infinity and grandeur that it provides.

The mirror pool is a variant of the overflow pool because instead of overflowing on one side, the water overflows on all 4 sides of the pool. It is expensive but exquisite and modern.

The wooden pool, which is equipped with solid wood support. It can be buried, semi-buried, or above ground. In general, wooden pools are in kit form, i.e., they can be dismantled.

The shell pool, which is composed of a light and waterproof industrialized structure. It is very advantageous because it adapts to all types of environments, even the most fragile, and at an affordable cost.

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