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The Advantages of Container Gardening

You love gardening, but unfortunately, you do not possess enough space to grow your favorite plants. Adopting a container garden allows you to fill your balcony with containers of various vegetable and herbs. Container gardening is the practice of growing all sorts of plants in containers(pots). It is cost effective and gives you control over the soil composition, what you wish to cultivate, and the pH balance needed for a specific plant.

Below are some key advantages you can have with container gardening.

Controlling the soil

With container gardening, you can make sure that the plant gets the right soil mixture just for that specific plant. Since it’s in a container you can customize soil if a plant has special needs.

Controlling the size

Container gardening makes it easy to control the size of the garden. Five or six containers can fit on a balcony of an apartment while many more can be in the standard sized backyard. If you want to grow something new, just plant a new container to expand your garden a little larger.

Controlling the weather

Containers are easier to manage when there is bad weather. With traditional gardening, if there is an early snow or ice storm coming, all you can do it attempt to cover and protect them. But with containers, you can easily pick them up and move them inside a greenhouse, a garage, or even your house to keep them out of those conditions.

Controlling the fertilizer

Plants grown in containers are easier to keep well fed. When your plants are potted, the fertilizers applied will surely get into your plants. The problem with fertilizing plants grown in the ground is that a lot of the fertilizer is lost to drainage or used by nearby plants. But with container gardening, you are less likely to deal with losing fertilizer.


Container gardening protects a plant from frost and pest. Bugs are less likely to attack plants that are kept close to the house and off the ground. Slugs have it difficult crawling up and over the edges of containers.


People who have trouble bending but who still want to garden can do so in containers. All they need to do is raise the containers to a comfortable height.You can move the containers around to maximize sunlight to make your garden more beautiful.

To conclude, a container garden can be a living work of art on your balcony, providing countless hours of creative activity and joy.

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