Flowering Trees That You Should Have in Your Garden

Small flowering trees are perfect for landscaping. They put bright colors at your fingertips. The changing seasons make flowering trees the focal point of landscaping. They are also useful; they are not just for decoration. They can be used to soften the view of the strong sides of houses and landscapes. They also protect your home from the harmful rays of the sun.

The most ideal month is September to plant flowering trees. The most important elements of a landscape are probably the trees. Their prominent shape and size give the necessary depth to any garden or lawn. It is impossible to ignore such a large and tall plant in a landscape and they can add a sense of permanence because of their remarkable longevity, allowing them to be enjoyed for generations. In addition, trees attract life because they have the ability to support entire ecosystems, providing shelter for birds, bees, butterflies, squirrels, small plants and other creatures. In addition, trees can also become aesthetically pleasing; trees in bloom can add beauty and grace in addition to a sense of strength and prominence.


There are many types of flowering trees, each appreciated for its distinct qualities. Here are some of the most popular flowering trees in landscaping:


Dogwoods – these are among the most popular and popular flowering trees that bloom in the spring. The white or pink flowers are pleasing to the eye. Dogwoods also look very beautiful in autumn, as their leaves take on a rich, bright red hue. Having a dogwood in your garden can certainly light up your surroundings for a large part of the year.


Sharon Rose – Although the Sharon rose is technically a shrub, most people think of it as a tree because it can grow and be pruned into a single tree trunk. Its lilac colored flower is very attractive. Flowering is relatively late, so it is good to be planted with early flowering trees to enjoy the flowers throughout the season.


Cherry, mulberry and crab apple trees – these flowering trees are usually grouped together as weeping trees because of their tear-shaped buds. The elegant white to pastel pink flowers create a warm and quite soothing atmosphere. These ornamental flowering trees add color and excitement to any panorama.


Washington Hawthorn Flowering Trees – these trees are popular because of the distinct period in which they bloom. They generally bloom from the latter part of spring to early summer, making them ideal in the transition period between the two periods, when most spring trees have molted and most summer trees have just begun to bud.


Magnolias – they are sometimes called saucers, obviously because of their large flowers which are very visible to anyone nearby. This type of flowering tree makes a great impression on anyone who contemplates its beauty.


Crab myrtle – this tree is considered to be the queen of flowering trees in the south because it is very popular with southerners. They bloom for long periods from mid-summer to autumn. The flowers bloom in clusters that can be white, red, pink or lilac, which are attached to the ends of new wood. In temperate regions, these flowering trees may die in winter, but return in spring.


Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick – this unique tree with a strange name is indeed a distinct flowering tree because it only becomes beautiful when it loses its leaves. Technically, it is also a shrub that looks at a tree because it can reach more than a meter high. Harry Lauder’s pedestrian street is ideal for those who have in mind to plant in winter.


There are many other kinds of flowering trees and each one of them could add beauty as well as strength to any landscape. Planting trees can be such an interesting endeavor to beautify any terrain.

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