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Proper Ways to Mow Your Lawn

For a well- maintained green space, lawn mowing is the most effective way to increase the growth of grass in your lawn. Lawn mowing should be done properly because improper lawn mowing practices will damage your lawn. Some of the habits you should avoid during lawn mowing are mowing too short, mowing the lawn with dull blades, infrequent lawn mowing, and cutting too much of grass in the lawn at once. Mowing the grass is helpful in reducing pests. By cutting the grass regularly, rodents will tend to stay out to the taller grass, unless you leave garbage in your yard to attract them.

Lawn space is a place to play with the kids or run through the sprinkler. Here are steps to follow to create a comfortable green space to enjoy with the family.

Always set your Lawnmower high

Whenever you are mowing, always set the lawnmower height to the most preferred setting, according to the type of grass in your lawn. Most of the grass in the lawn will respond best if the lawnmower height is at its highest settings. Some grass types like Zoysia grass and centipede grass should be kept in medium mower height setting. For Bermuda grass, the lawnmower height should be at a lower setting.

Mow a Dry Lawn

The best time to mow your lawn in a day is early evening. Mowing lawn at noon will stress both lawn and lawnmower, because the temperature will be high at noon. If the grass is damp, wait until the grass gets dry because mowing the lawn when it is wet will result in uneven trim. Wet clippings in the turf will clog your lawnmower which restricts the lawnmower blade rotation.

Change lawn mowing pattern

Whenever you mow your lawn, always mow in a different direction. When you change your lawn mowing pattern, it will prevent ruts forming in your lawn. Grass in your lawn also stands up tall if it is mowed in all directions. If you mow your lawn in the same lawn mowing pattern, the grass will lean in the same mowing direction.

Keep your mower blade sharp

Using a dull mower blade for a longer period of time will weaken the grass in your lawn. This makes the grass vulnerable to diseases and insect damage. When you tune up your lawnmower blade, it will be easier to cut the grass. Always clean your lawnmower after each use so as to prevent any blockages in the mower.

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