How to Keep Insects away from your Plants during Spring?

As soon as spring starts to take over, you will notice that aphids will start appearing on your plants. These little insects are attracted to the sweet taste of summer. They love the smell and feast on your freshly growing plants.

Sometimes even the smallest creatures can make the biggest damages and aphids or snails are the perfect example! Nowadays with the progress of technology, you can easily google for natural ways to get rid of the insects. No need to intoxicate your plants with chemical-based pesticides anymore. If your garden is being attacked by those little sucking insects, we will help you find a natural solution for it. In fact, we have some tips which can help to keep them away from your juicy plants.

Below are some tested natural remedies to get rid of insects :

• Make the insects become prey

One of the best ways to keep those little creatures away from your garden is to attract their predators to your garden. Weird, isn’t it? Even though this tactic may sound strange, it actually works. You approach to do so is dependent on the kind of insects that you are dealing with. For example: If you are facing issues with aphids, you would want to attract wasps, ladybugs or lacewings to your garden. On the contrary for slugs, you will be needing the help of lizards or toads. Make use of the internet and research on the ways to attract those predators to your garden in order to keep it safe.

• Take care of your plants

The ultimate way to keep your garden insect free is to take good care of it. In order to grow to grow healthy and disease-free plants, it is important that you keep bugs away from them. Make sure that you get rid of weeds which are infesting your garden as too much of them are definitely welcoming for the insects. An appropriate amount of watering is vital for the plants to grow healthily and for all the nutrient found in the soil as well.

• Create a safe passage around your plants

Since snails and slugs are crawling creatures, they normally reach your plants through the ground. In order to avoid that, you might want to create a sharp border. You can crush some eggs and spread them around your garden, especially around your targeted plants. This will prevent crawlers to be around your plants.

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