Garden lovers Garden 5 Tips To Create More Privacy In Your Garden

5 Tips To Create More Privacy In Your Garden

5 Tips To Create More Privacy In Your Garden

5 Tips To Create More Privacy In Your Garden

You dream of a beautiful garden but less of the indiscreet eyes of the neighbourhood. And that’s normal! Fortunately, there are many solutions to isolate you and reduce the surrounding noise. You will inevitably find a fence you like, from the solid breeze block wall to the aerial shade sail, through the plant hedge, or the palisades. 

The essential

    – You have a multitude of possibilities to eliminate a vis-à-vis outside the house: plant hedge, palisade, wall, shade sails, etc… Choose according to the desired effect and your budget. The level of maintenance required is also important, especially with plants and shrubs.

    – If your main problem is noise pollution, you will need to invest in acoustic panels to reduce noise and improve soundproofing.

    – Don’t hesitate to mix solutions according to your needs: shade sails to hide the terrace and a fence to delimit the garden.

Tip #1: build a fence wall

Resistant and secure, the fence wall or low wall effectively preserves your privacy.

Why choose a fence wall? 

    – A fence wall protects you from prying eyes and reduces noise pollution from neighbours.

    – It can take many forms and colours: you can paint it, plaster it, or opt for a low wall to support a wire fence. A wide choice of materials is available: stones, bricks, breeze blocks, etc.

    – Building a wall brings additional security to your house and garden. It is both a deterrent to burglars and a reassurance for your children and pets.

Tip #2: Plant a green hedge

The plant hedge brings an extra touch of greenery to your garden: a natural and aesthetic solution to isolate you from the neighbourhood.

The key to a successful hedge: the choice of shrubs

For effective isolation from the neighbourhood, you must take into account several criteria.

    – Foliage: evergreen (with leaves all year round) rather than deciduous (with leaves that fall off in winter).

    – The height: you obviously need shrubs that grow high enough to stay out of the neighbour’s sight.

    – The soil and its exposure: gardening is an art! Make sure that your soil is suitable for planting your plants, and check if there is enough sunlight.

Take care of your hedge

Maintenance is the major drawback of plant fences. You have to prune your shrubs regularly: for their good health and to keep them for a long time, but also to prevent branches from sticking out of your property.

Also, keep in mind that hedge plants do not protect very well from noise. Avoid them if you are concerned about noise from neighbours, or mix them with a fence with soundproofing. 

Tip #3: Install privacy screens

PVC privacy screens packaged in rolls, these blackout materials hide you from the neighbourhood when you enjoy your garden or terrace.

A simple, affordable, and flexible solution

    – The privacy screens are light and easy to install: no need to plan major work; they are simply fixed against a fence or a grill.

    – It is an economical option, especially if your garden is relatively small.

    – Let the sunshine in! With an openwork screen, you can still enjoy a minimum of light while avoiding the eyes of your neighbours. Conversely, you can create shade with an opaque screen.

Little effect on surrounding noise

    – Privacy screens live up to their name: they provide good protection from the neighbourhood but little protection from noise. The acoustic insulation is not optimal with this type of product.

    – Natural wicker or reed canes are fragile and do not like humidity. If you live in a rainy region, you will have to change them regularly (or find another solution).

    – The flip side of their simplicity is that aesthetics and strength are not always present with these materials.

Tip #4: Choose panels and fences

5 Tips To Create More Privacy In Your Garden

Create the fence that suits you, with panels or fences to be installed at the edge of your garden.

A multitude of materials and styles

Openwork or solid, PVC, aluminum or wood, natural look, plain or decorated… Panels and fences are available in a wide range of styles to match your home. It’s up to you: you can opt for panels sold in kit form or mix several options to obtain a custom-made partition.

Even on a budget, there are so many options that you can find panels and garden fences at all prices.

Use an acoustic panel to isolate you from the noise

The weak point of panels is often their low efficiency against noise. If you are particularly concerned about noise from your neighbours, you can use noise protection fencing: solid wood acoustic panels with sound-absorbing foam panels.

Tip #5: Protect yourself from glaring views

Does the building next door overlook your deck? A shade sail is ideal for eliminating the neighbour’s view of your outdoor reading sessions.

Stay out of sight and out of the sun

The shade sail offers the double utility of isolating you from a neighbouring floor or apartment when you are on your terrace while also creating shade. Moreover, it is pretty!

The constraints of the shade sail

    – Moving a shade sail once it’s installed can be a hassle. To avoid this problem, carefully determine its location according to the sunlight on the terrace.

    – Beware of bad weather! Remember to remove them during the winter season, especially in case of strong and frequent winds in your area.

    – Finally, as you can imagine, the shade sail is not enough to isolate you from the noise of the neighbourhood.

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