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Top 6 Plants To Make A Nice Sunny Bed


We wait for sun, flowers, and warmth all year round, but drought takes over our crops when it comes. To compensate for this, there are varieties of plants that are hardy enough to withstand dry and hot climates, and these are the ones to choose.

For an opulent full sun bed, there is nothing like a mix of very easy-to-grow annuals and perennials. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best plants with which you can make a nice sunny bed.



Rosehip is a wild rose that is related to the so-called modern plant varieties. For a full sun bed, this low-maintenance plant is well suited. In addition to its hardiness, it is distinguished by its spring and summer flowering.

Its flowers are light and simple, which gives your garden a look. You will find it at professional sales of decorative plants. In autumn, the fruits of the rosehip are very decorative. And above all, they have a high vitamin C content.


Cornflower is a beautiful and atypical plant that offers radiant blue-purple flowers. Indeed, Cornflower is one of the most common bedding plants to appear in early summer and above a clump of green, dense, hairy leaves.

Ideal for a pretty bed in full sun, this plant has a low habit which allows it to compose well the first layer of a country association. As its name indicates, it is used to the altitude and is extremely hardy.


The perennial cranesbill forms very nice clumps in a record time and stays alive for many years. In fact, it is very hardy, which allows it to resist well to frost. However, this plant exists in 300 different varieties that bloom in October. So it is up to you to make your choice.

On the other hand, although this plant is very hardy, you must give it a special treatment like green space maintenance. This will allow it to bloom well and keep all its colors.


To make a magnificent bed in full sun at the arrival of the summer, there is nothing like opting for the Hidcote lavender. Indeed, this plant finds its place in the association of several rustic and hardy species.

Unlike butterfly lavender, which is more demanding, this plant has a strong resistance to drought and all forms of extreme conditions. Also, its growth cannot be affected in any way by weak soil because its only real need is the sun. However, this does not mean that it should not be maintained or planted in soil that is really poor in nutrients.


Although it is sometimes overlooked, Buenos Aires verbena is one of the plants that have valuable assets for a full sun bed. Above all, this beautiful hardy plant has a delicate mauve summer bloom. This makes it not only ideal for a full sun bed but also plays a great role in the landscaping of a garden, park, etc.

The graphic impression of this plant revolutionizes and wonders the denser, lower, more traditional beds. Moreover, the verbena of Buenos Aires reseeds itself.



The garden valerian is a perennial plant with a very good reputation. It offers a splendid red fragrant bloom in late spring and early fall. In association with the beds, this plant offers marvelous colors.

Of a beautiful grayish-green color, its foliage is very fleshy, which enables it to keep its aesthetic aspect. Even during the flowering season, garden valerian is still very attractive.

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