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Winter Gardens and Some of the Most Frost-Resistant Plants

Have you ever dreamed of a winter garden? You don’t need a temperate greenhouse to have plants that thrive all year round, Many plants do just fine at several degrees below zero with the right kind of insulation. Avoid frost damage and find out which plants are the most frost-resistant.

So, which plants can withstand those frosty nights and look good all year round? This depends a bit on the insulation and the part of the country you live in. Many plants can withstand a single degree below zero but they need insulation and care to survive a harsh winter. In today’s article, we will uncover which plants we are talking about. Interested to learn more? Read on!

Some of the most popular plants that can withstand freezing temperatures and can be seen on many balconies, decks, and porches are:

Hedera (Ivy)

Hedera, commonly call Ivy, can withstand both frost and snow. It thrives in a pallet collar as well as in the open. If you have an Ivy plant in a pot, you can insulate it from the cold by covering it with leaves, spruce twigs, or sackcloth. It’s green, eye-catching, and beautiful year-round. Otherwise, buy a frost-resistant pot that insulates the plant roots.


A hardy plant in many colors that can handle sub-zero temperatures and wants nutrition. Feel free to plant it in the spring with other frost-resistant plants like daisies and buttercups.


Hardy Cyclamen for All Seasons - Alpine Garden Society

A colorful plant that grows best outdoors and can withstand temperatures down to freezing. It needs water in barrels and thrives in partial shade. In the fall and spring, you can enjoy this fabulous bloom outdoors.


Winterberry Holly 'Winter Red' Native Plant Spotlight - Landscape Design,  Installation, Maintenance and Native Plant Nursery | Lauren's Garden Service

A dwarf shrub with berries and flowers that is winter-hardy and pleasing to the eyes year-round. Along with the heather, it does well in a large pot.


Want something very winter resistant? Then a small spruce is a perfect choice. You can also decorate it with string lights when it’s in season.


Plant of the month - Winter flowering jasmine

There are many types, and some are more adaptable to the cold than others, but in general, their common characteristics make them an ideal plant for these low temperatures. It is a perfect climber, it does not need daily watering, it adapts to all types of soil, and prefers direct sunlight. And as for the aroma, especially in late spring when it blooms, the perfume is divine.

How to Take the Best Care of Your Winter Plants

Once you’ve decided to create a garden for the lower temperatures, it’s important to care for the plants the right way from the start. In particular, be sure to water sparingly, as cooler temperatures require less water. If you have pots with overwintering flowers on the balcony, you can insulate them with Styrofoam or rag mats and tuck them under a rood or table to create a sheltered spot.

Tips for Other Plants That Can Withstand the Cold

In addition to the plants we’ve mentioned above, there are many others that can withstand cold nights, frost, and snow.

Tuja is coniferous plants that has no problem surviving the winter. Preferably in a large insulated pot with plenty of soil. As an added bonus, it takes on the shape of a ball all by itself.

Clematis is a climber that many people plant in late spring around trellises. It thrives in a larger pot before winter and wants a sunny spot, but shade around its roots.

Winter Care and Protection for Clematis Plants | Gardener's Path

If snow has fallen on the plants, leave it to protect the plants from the cold. It is one of the best insulating materials available. Here you are! You now know what plants you can grow in your garden so it can withstand the harshest winters. What’s your favorite flower? Tell us in the comments more about it and the tips you have to make it thrive.

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