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Reasons to Introduce Water Features into Your Garden

During hot summer days, water features such as fountains and ponds can help keep your garden cool and provide you with a pleasant place to enjoy. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding water features to your garden.

#1. Water Features Are Easy to Maintain

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Did you know that many consider cleaning a fountain or a pond as a piece of cake?


However, always remember that if you want to prevent blockages and decrease the risk of algae building up, you will need to clean them regularly. And if there are gravels and stones, you will have to remove and clean or polish them properly. Besides, if you also have any fish or pond plants, then don’t forget to take them out and put them in a water tank before drying the ponds or fountains.


And the best part of this activity is that it is very exhilarating, refreshing and does not include any high costs.

#2. You Can Match the Water Features with Your Garden Style

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With the range of designs available at Aqua Spray Irrigation, you can easily find a style that can complement your garden. As per some decorating experts, people prefer these three styles: modern, classic and old English style.

  • Modern garden spaces: If you want such style, you need to go for Asian-inspired water features that are made from natural substances. And, you can also customize the space by adding grasses and bamboo.
  • Classic garden spaces: Statues that double up as water fountains are more recommended for this type of garden design.
  • Old English garden space: Here, I suggest opting for round or antique water features.

#3. You Can Add More Garden Designs and Textures

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Homeowners are always trying to improve their house décor and this applies to gardens as well. If you wish to personalize and customize your garden, I recommend adding natural-looking river rocks (of different colors and sizes) to your water features. But it is up to you whether you want to go for smooth and polished stones or you prefer the rough ones.


In addition, remember that the size of the rocks should be relative to the size of the fountain, that is, the water and décor objects ratio should be equally spread. And, one last thing that you should keep in mind is not to overstuff your garden with too many decorations.

#4. You Can Create a Natural Habitat for Fish

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One great way to bring some life into your ponds and fountains is by adding fish. So, when it comes to small ponds, I suggest going for goldfish, but if it refers to a large water feature, then I recommend koi fish.

However, there are certain factors that you need to consider before choosing this option:

  • Food: Remember that these small aquatic animals will need food and they can be fed with specific fish food that can usually be found in any pet store.
  • Large animals: If you have any cats or dogs, you might think twice before buying fish as these animals will most likely kill the fish out of play or curiosity.

#5. Water Features Can Make a Garden Look Bigger

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The reflective characteristics of water can make your garden space appear bigger.

  • If you want a maximum of reflection, you can use dark material for your fountain or pond.
  • Underwater lighting for nighttime is also recommended.

#6. Water Features Represent Sacred Elements

Buddha Fountain | A place to wash off in at Gwaneum temple, … | erin  garnhum | Flickr

Did you know that in the Indian culture, each water body is worshiped as Hindus consider it as a form of their god? Similarly, the Greeks worshiped the god Poseidon, the god of seas and oceans, while Neptune, the Roman water god, was worshiped by the Romans.


Hence, this is why some cultures consider water features as sacred elements of nature and associate them with the spiritual world.


#7. Water Features Introduce Serenity into Your Garden

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People who live in noisy neighborhoods or cities have a preference for water therapies which mostly take place in the mountainside or seaside. But, if you want a private piece of heaven for yourself, then a pond or fountain in your garden can help to accomplish your dream.  



If you would like to enjoy the soothing elements of nature, you can contact Aqua Spray Irrigation.


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