Garden lovers Gardening How to Save Money on Your Gardening? (Part 2)

How to Save Money on Your Gardening? (Part 2)

As per Brooke Edmunds, “gardening is like any other hobby which requires some level of investment.” However, that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. So, let us discover how we can save money while gardening.

#1. Save on Tools and Supplies

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I found about this recently and I kicked myself for staying in the dark for so many years. Did you know that there are some thrift stores where you can find building supplies, landscaping supplies and even gardening tools and supplies at a huge discount?

Some sources where you can find affordable gardening supplies include your local thrift store, garage sales and even dollar stores.

Now, have you ever heard about Habitat for Humanity? Founded in 1976 in Georgia, United States, it is an international and nonprofit organization with the mission of alleviating long-term poverty and building a safe environment for poor and needy families. But, you will be surprised when I tell you that this organization has a chain of stores where you can find a range of gardening tools and supplies and that too at greatly discounted prices. Besides, your money will be donated to support the families at Habitat for Humanity. For me, that’s a kind of win-win situation (you are not only getting a great deal but you are also helping out others).

#2. Grow Perennials – Especially Ones That Spread

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As perennials are plants that can stay in the ground for over several years, you won’t have to spend money replacing them once or twice in a year as with some other plants.

In addition, as they can spread quickly, I recommend you digging them up and dividing them every two years, so as you can get more plants for free.

#3. Get Free or Inexpensive Advice

How to Plan a No-Waste Garden in 2021

Firstly, you can buy second-hand gardening books, which are usually available in bookshops and charity shops. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that gardening techniques may have changed over a couple of years and are no more the same as described in some old books. For instance, certain attitudes toward gardening tasks have changed significantly in the last few years. For example, nowadays, gardeners are more tolerant towards insects and pests and minimize the use of chemicals.

Another great source of free advice is, of course, the internet, such as blogs and YouTube videos. You will notice how bloggers and YouTubers tend to go into more details and will tell you how a common and non-expert person can carry out a gardening task, such as how to move a fern tree. Besides, many YouTube videos provide close-ups of people while gardening, which is a huge bonus.

#4. DIY Newspaper Pots to Start Seeds

Growing Gardeners: DIY Newspaper Pots for Starting Seeds Indoors

Do you how many people waste money by buying seed starting trays and pots when there is a budget-friendly way – newspaper pots?

Moreover, these pots are not only biodegradable but also completely free.

#5. Do Mulching to Save Money

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If you are a beginner in the world of gardening, then let me tell you that a layer of mulch can do wonders in a garden. Mulches, which refer to some sort of protective layers of material that are spread on the top of the soil, can help to save water and improve soil fertility. Additionally, it can prevent unwanted plants from growing up here and there, which also represents less weeding and of course, no herbicides.

If you want to insulate your plants’ roots and protect them from extreme weather conditions, I suggest you maintain at least a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around your plants.

#6. Use Vinegar to Save Money

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Vinegar is not only useful in the kitchen, but it can also accomplish miracles in the garden. Instead of spending money on garden chemicals and cleaners, why don’t you save some money and use vinegar?

Some of the uses of vinegar in the garden:

  • To clean clay pots
  • Remove weeds that pop on walls or in walkways of your garden
  • Can get rid of ants
  • Can keep animals like rodents, dogs, cats, moles and rabbits away from your garden
  • Can extend the life of cut flowers
  • Can deter fruit flies
  • Clean rust from garden tools
  • Protect plants from fungus and mold
  • Kill slugs and snails
  • Can also facilitate germination
  • Can get rid of berry stains


Now, will you follow these tricks? And if you know more, why don’t you share them with us in the comment section below?




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