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Which Houseplants Can You Keep In a Semi-Shaded Room?

Even if your home doesn’t swim in the sun, you don’t have to give up the company of houseplants. Not all houseplants like a scorching hot day, but most do like light. At the same time, many plants do well in semi-shaded or shaded rooms. Instead of plants that love a lot of sun, choose plants that will come into their own in your home even if you keep them in a semi-shaded location. You can choose from several such houseplants. Here are 6 wonderful shade-loving, beautiful houseplants!

1) Crab Flower (Aglaonema)

This houseplant with stunning silvery leaves is everything you need to complete the look of your interior. Sometimes it blooms, but it is more of a leafier plant. However, you should be careful with it, as it contains irritants for skin and mucous membranes. Not only does the crab flower not need sun, but they especially crave a shady or shaded spot. Keep it at room temperature, even in winter, at least 16 degrees. They have a medium water requirement. The crab flower needs more water in spring and summer and less water in autumn and winter.

Aglaonema, Dieffenbachia, Pot-Scaping

2) Alocasia

Alocasia is one of the most beautiful foliage ornaments and feels great in a semi-shaded or shady place. However, make sure to choose this stunning beauty only if you can provide it with warmth and high humidity. Otherwise, it won’t last long. It needs a room temperature of around 20 degrees all year round. Less in winter, but in the other seasons, it likes moist soil. Stagnant water should be avoided.

Native Lily, Cunjevoi, Alocasia Brisbanensis, Leaf

3) African Violet

This beautiful ornamental plant comes in numerous variations with smooth or curled petals in white, pink, violet, red or blue shades. The African violet blooms from January to December, and it doesn’t require the sun for this. In fact, it needs a special semi-shade growing place. You will need to keep them at room temperature all year round, at least 20 degrees and your soil should always be kept moist. However, stagnant water is to be avoided, and should it not be watered from above as water can stain the leaves.

African Violets, Flower, Blossom, Bloom, Violet

 4) Sail Flower (Spathiphyllum)

 This graceful houseplant comes from the tropics of America and, like its ideal feeding ground, is highly adaptable. If you don’t have a bright space next to it, you can fit it into a semi-shaded corner. It needs room temperature all year round, loves water, but should be watered more moderately between October and January. Not only is this plant beautiful, but practical as well since it even helps cleans the air in the room.

Flower, Plant, Spathiphyllum White, Gift, Offer

5) Corn Leaf (Aspidistra elatior)

You can sometimes find this simple-looking plant in stairwells, as it thrives in both bright and shady places. In its homeland, England, it is called a cast-iron plant, referring to its toughness. No matter if the air in the room is cold or hot or too dry, this plant lives anywhere. They just don’t like stagnant water, so do your watering the right way.

Corn Leaf, Green, Close Up, Macro, Detail Corn

6) Hanging Bouquet (Chlorophytum Comosum)

This is a fast-growing, easy-to-care-for ornamental houseplant that also looks great in a hanging basket. It’s a low-maintenance, light-loving plant that can live even in corners with little light. It effectively filters formaldehyde and xylene from the air. The former is toxic and carcinogenic and is released into the environment during dyeing, burning, and decomposing organic compounds. This harmful substance is also found in paint, varnish, glue, and insecticides.

Chlorophytum Comosum, Green, Branch, Blossom, White

You now have a list of beautiful plants you can keep in a semi-shaded room, and they will be endowed with their beauty no matter what!

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