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White Strawberry: A Pearl for Your Garden

We are all used to the common red strawberry that we love for its yumminess. But have you ever tasted, or at least seen, white strawberries? Commonly known as pineberry, the white strawberry is an exclusive and amazing snack on our palate, a pearl in our garden, a touch of white exoticism that will give a different charm to the products of your land. Would love to know how to grow this fruit in your own garden? You’ve reached the right place. In this article, we tell you everything you should know on the pineberry and how to cultivate it in your garden. Happy reading!

What is Pineberry

The pineberry is a perennial plant similar to the strawberry that has as its fruit a small white berry and red seeds with a flavor that will remind us of pineapple.

The origin of this variety is unknown or, at least, is subject to debate. There are companies that defend that it is natural, although the most accepted version is that it is a hybrid created in the Netherlands.This hybrid would be born using the natural variety of chili « Delicia Blanca » or Fragaria Chiloensis and is considered as an improvement. It is a really recent plant, not even 20 years old, and it began to be marketed in 2002.

How to Grow Pineberry

Pineberry Strawberry Plant – Better With Thyme

If you already have experience in planting strawberries, these will be very easy to plant. If it is the first time that you are going to plant this or another variety, it may not be easy, but below, we go step by step to make it easier for you.

When to Plant It

It can be planted in two seasons, depending on how harsh our weather is. If we have an optimal climate of sufficient heat and few frosts, we can plant it in autumn or spring.

If we have a climate that can tend to frost, it is best to plant them only in spring.

Where to Plant

It can be planted both in pots, even small ones, and in the ground. The roots of this plant are very small, not reaching 5 cm. Our recommendation is to protect them from the cold or strong wind when choosing a location.

You should also avoid planting them near peppers or other spicy plantations.


Soil preparation: How to Make Garden Soil for Planting

For this variety you will need a good soil preparation. We recommend that you use:

  • Neutral Earth – 30%
  • Peat – 30%
  • Compost – 20%
  • Perlite – 15%
  • Sandy – 5%

With the last two, you will facilitate the drainage, which is essential, and with the Peat and Compost, you will give your berries the vitamins they need, which are quite a lot. The neutral ground is to finish filling.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure must be at least 6 hours of direct sunlight or 10 hours of indirect sunlight.

Planting in Pots

This variety can grow in pots of at least 8 or 10 cm in size, due to its small roots. When choosing a pot, you must take into account that drainage is very important.

Seeds : White Alpine Strawberry Fragarias Vesca Pineberry 200 Seeds  Fragaria Seeds : Garden & Outdoor

The seeds are extremely expensive, so reproduction is recommended. Thus, the initial investment will be made only for the first batch of seeds.


The care has above all to do when it comes to watering and fertilizing, since it is a fairly demanding plant. It is important to know that they must always be protected from strong frosts.


Moisture is necessary for growth, and you will always have to play with a balance, you must never go over humidity, but you cannot let the soil dry out completely.


The fertilizer should be applied once a month from older until the strawberries have just come out, that is, until the harvest season ends. It is recommended to use liquid fertilizer.

When to harvest

Pineberry & Pineberries (All You Need To Know)

This variety can be harvested from spring to autumn and it is recommended to remove the berries when they mature to enhance the growth of those that are in development.

You now have all the knowledge you need to grow these special strawberries in your own garden. Once you harvested them, remember to leave in the comments below how the growth process went.


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  1. This is my third year growing pine berry. The second year I had a few berries but this year a lot. I get new plants by putting the feelers in pot and give to neighbors. No special attention on my part, I grow in containers and hanging baskets. I put them under cover during winter and when spring comes along, just clean the plant, cutting discolored leaves and weeds. Very easy to maintain and they do taste like pineapple. Yummy!

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