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6 Vegetables That Can Grow on Your Window Sill

With the rise in apartments and flats, most of us don’t get the chance to grow a garden properly. That’s why many of us have resorted to growing vegetables and herbs on our windowsill. So what if you don’t have a big outdoor space to grow your own food, you can surely grow your own herbs and small veggies at home. You can also try some interesting DIY containers and hanging baskets. Here is a list of six veggies and herbs that you can grow on your windowsill and how to grow them properly!

  • Carrots – Most people think that growing root vegetables is not recommended, but there are many gardeners who try carrot varieties like Nantes and Romeo. These carrots can do well in containers; make sure to use a deep enough pot and water it often in small amounts. Remember the soil should stay moist to the touch. Once they germinate, thin them so that each carrot is at least an inch apart from its neighbor. If possible, plant a new batch every two weeks to keep them coming all year long.
  • Oriental Salads – Oriental salads offer a broad range of fast-growing salad crops which include rocket, mizuna, pak choi, and mustard leaf. The range is vast and these are ideal for ‘cut and come again’. There is a different range of oriental leaves available, so know well which one you are going to use.
  • Green Onions – The easiest herb to grow! Buy two or three bunches and save the white bulbs along with an inch of green stem. Use a mason jar and fill the jar with water to cover the bulb! In a week time, you will have a new crop of green onions.
  • Loose Leaf Lettuce – The second easiest thing to grow on a windowsill is loose leaf lettuce. It doesn’t require the sun so much as a few hours of sunlight is enough. If your apartment is not exposed to the sunlight, then you can also try artificial light as well. You can make decorative arrangements, combining red or green leaf lettuces in the same pot.
  • Tomatoes – It is recommended to grow tomatoes on a windowsill in summer. With the full day being sunny, it is a great way to grow and enjoy fresh, organic and juicy tomatoes indoors. Choose dwarf varieties like cherry tomatoes. If you are into cherry tomatoes, then opt for small pots or small hanging baskets.
  • Chilies – Growing chilies on your windowsill are one of the best veggies you can opt for! Exotic, hot, spicy, and colorful, chilies can grow if the weather is sunny and warm. Use pots that are at least 8-10 inches deep.

So, get your windowsill ready for new veggies!

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