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7 Reasons to choose hydroponics

You may want to try the hydroponic method for your own experience but there are also various benefits that come with it.

Quicker Development!
Plants develop faster with hydroponics because of its higher efficiency. Most experts consent that plants grow 20% faster with hydroponics in contrast with those grown in soil. This is a huge time saver!

Bigger Production and better quality!
Explanations differ as to why this is so, but you can anticipate 20-25% more return with hydro as compared to growing in soil. That truly adds up!

Zero soil!
If you live in an apartment or an area where there is no fertile soil to grow plants outside, growing with hydro is a convenient and clean way (if you don’t like to dirty your hands with soil). Moreover, it adds up to the beauty of your surroundings.

Space Saving!
You can pack more plants closer together because your plants don’t need to disperse their roots out into the soil to nutrients that they need as they are enclosed in oxygenated nutrient-rich water. This saves a lot of space and one of the impressive attributes of growing hydroponics indoors is the number of plants that you can put together and grow in a small place.

Water Saving!
Since you are using a water storage tank – be it an aquarium, a bucket or a drum, these are covered (to avoid evaporation) and no water flows out of the bottom as they are sealed – the plants absorb the optimum and exact amount of water that they need at any point of time and the rest of water remains in the tank from which the plants will feed again later. Contrast this to plants grown in soil where you need to water your plants almost daily and most of the water is wasted as part of it is absorbed in the earth or evaporated. The same amount of water used per day to water a plant in the soil can be used for multiple days or even a week with a hydroponic system! Briefly, you can save 90% of your water by switching to hydro growing.

No Weeds!
One of the most boring, tiresome, time-consuming and frustrating activities of gardening in soil is cleaning your garden and pulling out weeds. Hydroponics growing is weed-free!

Fewer Diseases & Pests!
Without the use of soil, your beautiful plants are protected from soil-borne diseases and pests that can normally eat your plants and make all your efforts go wasted.
Go on! What are you waiting for? Get your hydroponics and feel the joy of this kind of gardening. Do not forget to comment and publish the pictures of your hydroponics!

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