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The Garden Shredder: A Valuable Aid in the Garden

The garden shredder is always an ideal aid when organic matter needs to be shredded. Garden shredders cut out small pieces of wood that can be used elsewhere in the garden. This is primarily the branches that are pruned in the spring and fall. This creates an entirely natural cycle in which no raw materials are wasted.

For instance, leafy, thin branches are valuable material for the compost heap. Cut branches can be used to obtain ground cover for paths and flower beds. Therefore, a garden shredder is a wise purchase. If you’re thinking of getting one, here are some tips to help you out!

1) Find the Best Shredder

To find the ideal garden shredder for you, you need to know what you want to shred mostly with it. A roller shredder is the best solution if you are primarily shredding hard, woody materials such as fruit trees or flowering cuttings.

Soft plant material is best suited for knife shredders. Shrubs and plant debris are also handled perfectly.

If you have very thick branches in your garden, a garden shredder with a turbine cutting system is best. You can insert tough and resistant branches yourself and still use the shredder without problems.

Additionally, we recommend using reliable, high-quality equipment for pruning trees and shrubs. Try to find one that allows you to cut branches that are easily accessible. Tall branches and twigs can be easily reached with pole shears. This way, you can work safely and comfortably.

2) Compost Shredder

If shredding is done well, you can create a natural cycle in your garden. You don’t destroy or take away resources that can still be used in the garden. Not only that, but this biological cycle is vital in an organic garden.

You, too, can support these natural processes and provide valuable nutrients to your garden. The finer garden debris such as twigs and branches, contain many beneficial components. These are removed from the plants during the growing season. If you shred food scraps and other materials with a garden shredder, you can reuse these materials in your garden.

For example, shredded material can be placed in a compost heap. Shredded shrub waste, in particular, decomposes quickly and becomes good-quality humus. In addition, it ensures that there is sufficient oxygen in the composter. This also promotes natural decomposition.

The resulting compost can usually be used as a natural fertilizer the following year. It nourishes plants and stores carbon dioxide in the soil. This is also good for the climate.

Rotating Blade, Roller, or Turbine Cutting Method?

You can choose from various cutting methods, including those with rotary blades, rollers, or turbines.

Equipment with rotating blades use high-speed rotating blades to shred yard waste. For example, they may cut branches up to 35 mm in diameter at 3,650 rpm.

Garden shredders with rollers are quieter. They shred garden debris up to 38 mm in diameter with 600 Nm of torque. The wood is shredded fiber by fiber. This makes it particularly suitable for composting.

Garden shredders with a turbine cutting system are particularly powerful and, at the same time, pleasantly quiet. This shredder can compress not only soft materials but also cut them. With a torque of 650 Nm and motor output of 2,500 W, it can easily cut branches up to 45 mm thick into small pieces. Leafy debris is shredded better with this one.

Garden Chipper Mulcher Shredder In Backyard - YouTube

Let us know if these few tips have helped you choose your garden shredder, and don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments below!

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