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Home Gardening: The 5 Most Common Mistakes!

Nowadays, especially with the covid pandemic, more people are taking an interest in house gardening. However, some of us do not have much knowledge about growing herbs or vegetables, particularly those with specific requirements. The basis for the success of house gardening lies in the planning. Firstly, choose a variety of fruits or vegetables that you like to eat and which are easy to grow. If you’re a beginner, start small and avoid growing a single variety of plant in large quantities. Here are some common mistakes that would make a big difference in your gardening skills if these were avoided.

1) Choosing the Wrong Location

Choosing the wrong location includes growing plants in areas that lack the basic requirements for plants such as sunlight, air, and water. For instance, the minimum necessary light is 4-5 hours of sunshine (or direct light). The wind and even the temperature also have to be considered since some areas are more sheltered from adverse conditions while others are more exposed.

2) Not Choosing the Right Substrate or Not Preparing the Soil

Preparing the soil correctly or choosing a suitable substrate is the basis for success when starting a home garden. It is one of the most vital factors of the planning stage. You cannot just plant things at random places. It is necessary to prepare or sow “the bed” of your plantations. If it is in the garden or yard, the soil needs to be aerated and dug to become more productive. If you are going to plant in a pot, you have to consider some criteria when choosing your substrate. Nowadays, it is readily available, and some brands also offer various choices, making substrates more suitable for any cultivation.

3) Not Fertilizing Enough or Fertilizing More Than Needed

As with everything in life, there is always a need for balance. Similarly, there should be a balance in regarding the fertilizers as well. Some people do not fertilize at all. This is a mistake made by many beginners, especially when it comes to pot plants. Common plants in home gardening, such as vegetables, also require that people have some knowledge about the different seeds. For instance, strawberries or some fruiting vegetables, such as tomatoes, require several richer fertilizers in phosphorus and potassium (depending on the flowering or fruiting season).

4) Not Maintaining the Plants

Well, here comes the slogan to this topic: watch the growth and prevent pests and diseases. Planting is usually easy, but the challenging part is maintaining the crops. Luckily, there are some tips and rules that you can follow to prevent issues with the specific plant that you’ve chosen. Another fundamental point is to monitor the growth and development of your plant to detect any problem beforehand.

5) Failure to Respect the Necessary Distance Between Plants

When sowing or transplanting seedlings, some of them are so small that it becomes easy to mix all and plant them all together. For instance, if you have no experience or no idea about the spacing required for eggplant, you should enquire about it, before starting anything. If you are going to plant in a pot, you should also consider the minimum volume necessary for the plant’s successful development. Growing plants too close together will only result in plants competing for essential factors such as water, light, and nutrients.

Starting a gardening hobby can be exciting but challenging at the same time. There is so much to learn. But to begin with, you can follow the steps above. The results will definitely be rewarding! If you have any other tips, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments below!

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