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Bucket Gardening: 10 Fruits and Veggies You Can Grow in Pots and Containers

Are you fed up with buying fruits and vegetables at the supermarket without knowing if they are really organic or have been treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers? Then you might be interested in setting up your own vegetable garden. However, creating a veggie garden is unfortunately not possible for everyone. That’s because many people live in apartments or houses with a small yard and therefore don’t have enough space. But don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you: Bucket gardening! All you need is a few 5-gallon buckets or cans of paint (which you can reuse), peat, rocks, compost, and fertile soil. It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually pretty simple. 

While bucket gardening is an excellent solution for people with limited space, it also comes with a wealth of benefits compared to traditional gardening. There is a broader assortment of plants! No weeding is required, and a bonus point: you won’t have to deal with annoying pests anymore. So, if you’re a beginner, we recommend that you start with very simple plants. This will boost your confidence and help you get some practice before going for the real stuff! Here is a list of 10 fruits and vegetables that you can grow in cubes! 


How to Grow Lettuce in a Pot | Growing lettuce, Container gardening vegetables, Planting lettuce seeds

If you don’t have a lot of growing or gardening experience, you can start by growing some easy-to-grow vegetables, like lettuce, in paint cans. It’s a prime choice for container gardening with plenty of varieties to choose from. Lettuce grows very well in shallow containers. It’s harvested in late fall and is one of the many vegetables and herbs you can have forever! For it to grow without problems, it only needs to be alone in the pot. That is, you should not plant it together with other vegetables.

#2. KALE

Container Grown Kale - Learn How To Care For Potted Kale Plants

Kale is a variety of green cabbage native to northern Germany, rich in vitamin C, A, calcium, and natural fiber. Growing it in cans of paint is just as simple as lettuces, but it has the advantage of being able to be done throughout the year, although cold climates favor it.


Growing Chard in Containers | Brown Thumb Mama®

Another green leafy vegetables that you can quickly grow in cans of paint even if you do not have green space in your home is chard. This plant grows similar to lettuce, is very cold hardy, and has a double harvest in spring and fall. 


Grow Carrots in Containers - Gardening Channel

Besides providing significant benefits for your health, the carrot grows easily in containers. It is preferable that you choose small varieties, as with beets, so that its growth does not involve a very extensive root that does not fit in the containers. Once you harvest it, you can have it forever! Learn how to do it by sprouting the seedless carrot


5+ Tips for Growing Cucumbers in Containers: Epsom Salt, Feeding, Dusts, Sprays & More - YouTube

Cucumber is a vegetable with great benefits that you can quickly harvest using containers such as paint cans. Most of them are vine plants, so you should opt for the dwarf varieties for your small space. 


Growing Beets in Containers: How to Grow Beets in Pots | Balcony Garden Web

In your little buckets, you can also grow beets that, unlike the previous ones, need greater depth and watering. Opt for smaller varieties to make it easier! As such, you’ll benefit from all the different properties of beets in your preparations. 


Everything About Growing Peas In Containers & Pots | Balcony Garden Web

Although they require more care than the above, peas are easy to grow. They grow best during spring or early fall when the weather is slightly cold. Try to choose varieties of edible pods so you can take advantage of the entire plant. 


Everything About Growing Radishes In Containers & Pots

Radishes are one of the plants that you will quickly harvest. Choose small, short-season varieties so that they reach maturity easily, and you can add them early to all your preparations. 


How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes in a Pot - Gardner Resource

Although it may not seem like it, tomatoes are perfect for growing at home. Tomato plants and cherry tomatoes are very abundant and can produce a generous harvest that you can take advantage of in all your meals. You just want to make sure they get plenty of sunlight, around 5-6 hours a day. Try to choose smaller varieties if the space in your container is limited.

#10. LEMON

Patio Citrus for Texas

While growing lemon is more complicated than all of the above, there is nothing more rewarding than growing your own fruit tree in containers, even if you don’t have a large garden. Learn how to have your lemon tree, and enjoy all the benefits that this citrus has.

The secret of the best recipes, such as salads, is that the vegetables are always fresh. And there is nothing fresher than having them at home and picking them up when preparing the dish. Do you have a bigger yard and want to design and install a beautiful vegetable garden? The experts at Nova Property Solutions can help guide you in the right direction. They’re also available to help with any lawn care or landscaping projects you have in mind.

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