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A Green Space At Home: A Source of Happiness

When rain, cold weather, or viruses keep us indoors, we feel the need to bring nature indoors even more so, especially if you live in an urban apartment without a balcony or terrace. How do you get started? Here are some tips!

Love plants and nature but don’t have a garden or terrace? Don’t worry! There is absolutely nothing wrong with gardening in a flat.

Creating a piece of nature in your home with an array of beautiful plants is always a good idea. Plants contribute to a peaceful and healthy environment.

Did you know that many green plants filter toxins and purify the air?

Also, lush vegetation can brighten any environment and boost morale. There’s nothing like a successful combination of colorful plants and cheerful flowers to blow away a dreary time.

Plants generally have a calming and uplifting effect. Incorporate a variety of plants into your home, care for them, and create a natural, pleasant cocoon in which it feels good to be.

Choose the Right Place

Not everyone can free up an entire room for a green corner. Therefore, consider the temperature and brightness of the room where the plants will be placed.

Is it an oppressive jungle feeling or a Zen-like atmosphere? Colorful mishaps or natural hanging plants? Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, choose a location with shade or natural light. Anything goes, but choose the right plants for each location.

Plants are decorations in themselves, and you can create a green corner in any room: kitchen, living room, bathroom, entry hall, etc. Make sure there is enough sunlight.

Group Them and Play With Volume

Learn how to make the most of every place and turn it into a green paradise. Consult breeders and experts to select the best plants for your green cocoon (and don’t hesitate to replace plants regularly).

Hanging baskets are a great way to display hanging plants.

Using poles of different sizes, materials, and styles, you can combine multiple plants in a natural and impactful way to revitalize the rest of your decor.

Palms and other large plants are all the rage. They can turn a dark interior into a jungle or dreamy tropical world. Combine with other decorations. Palm trees grow slowly. With care, they can be enjoyed for years.

Basic Plant Care

Soil: Select good quality soil. Also, put lava rock grains on the bottom of the pot for drainage. When repotting, pay attention to the needs of each plant.

Light: Even if the room is very bright, the plants may not get enough light during winter. Install fluorescent or broadband lighting at different heights.

Air circulation: Plants need good air circulation to grow. If necessary, hang or install fans to adequately circulate the air in the room.

Humidity: Most plants require an increase in room humidity. Humidifiers with timers are also effective.

Creating Green Spaces in your Flat - Happho

How to Choose the Right Houseplants

Choosing the right plant for the space is essential. Each plant has its own specific requirements for proper growth.

  • The windowsill should be in full sun for plants and flowers that need sunlight.
  • Plants with glossy or multi-colored leaves, such as crotons, grow best in sunny windows.
  • Spoon plants adapt well to areas with little natural light.
  • Green oasis: Small plants are best in groups. Grouped areas also maintain high humidity, which keeps plants healthy.

A Green, Natural Corner of the Home Boosts Morale

Taking care of your plants after a stressful day? There’s nothing better than relaxing, watering, caring for, repotting, combining, tending to potting soil, and watching your plants grow.

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