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Having A Roof Terrace Like A Real Garden: Who Doesn’t Dream Of It?


You probably already know the advantages of green roofing in an urban environment. Rainwater management, biodiversity, today you can go even further than the “simple” green roof: with a garden roof. That is to say, transform a flat roof into a real park. A planted, wooded or grassy garden with trees and bushes: you can create your own green space and fill this gap in an office building district, to transform an underground parking lot or a public building, for example.

More than a fifth green façade, it is a new living space to create. Accessible, aesthetic, pleasant, and relaxing for its users, just like a real garden. The technical constraints are not what you imagine. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about terrace gardens.

What is a green roof terrace?


It is the arrangement of greenery made of plants and materials placed on the top of a house or a building. This vegetation must be self-sustaining and must grow properly. To create a green space on a roof terrace, you choose certain plants that can easily develop into a stable ecosystem. The green roof terrace also optimizes the insulation of the house in a natural way.

The composition of the green roof terrace

A green roof usually consists of a few layers, including:

    • A supporting element: can be wooden panels, steel sheets, masonry, etc.
    • A vegetation element: a filtering layer, a vegetation cover, a drainage layer, or a substrate layer;
    • An insulation and waterproofing element: including a thermal insulation panel, a vapor barrier, or a waterproofing coating.

Standards to be respected.

You must ensure the continuity of the waterproofing at the acroterion. You install a device (sterile zone of about fifty centimeters) of separation between the edge of the roof and the vegetation complex.

The choice of plants to use

Several types of plants can be used in the composition of a green roof terrace. But the most used are the succulent plants because they are adapted to desert places. They are also very resistant, especially to bad weather. But we can also use grassy plants, bulbs, perennials, and small woody plants. Thus, we can obtain decorative and interesting color palettes.

The different types of green roof terraces

Nowadays, it is possible to design a green roof. But for this to happen, it must be one of three types of roof, including:

    • The flat roof: often has an aluminum, wood, stone, or concrete structure. It is the easiest to vegetate. If the roof terrace is accessible, then there are several possibilities: an urban vegetable garden, garden with bushes, flower meadow, grassy mounds… all solutions are possible. You should know that a flat roof terrace that is not accessible can also be planted. But this time, you must plant plants that require little water and are self-sufficient.
    • The flat, sloped roof: whether it is slightly or totally sloped, it can always be vegetated. The effect will always remain aesthetic and harmonious throughout the year. The results will also be satisfactory: sound and thermal insulation.
    • The specific roof: if you have a shed roof with a dormer window or a roof of a converted attic, then you can vegetate it.

The implementation of a green roof terrace


Before starting the work, it is advisable to set up an effective system and to proceed to the choice of the technique to adopt for the installation of plants:

    • By sowing fragments of seeds or plants
    • By planting cups or micro clods
    • By rollers, slabs, mats, or other pre-cultivated elements.

To guarantee the durability of the green roof, it is important to respect the standards. If you want to create a terrace and then plant it, it is better to leave the work to professionals.

Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about terrace gardens.

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